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Tips to dress if you are short

In fashion, despite what it seems, not everything goes though everything is possible if we know how to search and choose the most appropriate. In this article, therefore, we will give you some tips and advice to dress if you are short and a list of stitched clothing collection that you must check it out as well.

Clothing that favors the short ones

Short but fashionable:  Tips and tricks to dress if you’re short

-The heels will be one of your biggest allies. To gain centimeters pick, whenever you can, by sandals in nude color. If you prefer flat shoes or sneakers try to wear shoes with internal rises.

-It goes to short shorts and straight pants. The jeans, if possible, skinny jeans and high waist. In this way you will lengthen your legs. In general, tight clothes are advised against wide ones to gain height.

-And just like you have a license to wear shorts, you have special permission to wear short shirts. Of course, be careful and buy those that pass several inches above the knee.

-Don’t be afraid to show off cleavage and choose T-shirts and tops with V-neckline. In addition to suggestive they will make your neck look longer. Other necklines that you have to value are the squares, round and asymmetrical, not closed ones.

-The prints, however, are not especially indicated when dressing if you are short and preferably seen in the same tone . However, Unstitched lawn collection can be great as long as they are straight up because they will stylize your figure.

-Other trick to look taller is to dresses and skirts tight to the waist or high waist. Do not forget to have thin belts to get the desired effect.

Remember always the famous motto: ” less is more ” and do not abuse exaggerated accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, bags or glasses.

-Don’t be afraid and complain and go to the children’s section. It is likely that you will find t-shirts and jeans more in line with your size and probably at a somewhat lower price.

What you should not bring if you are short

Forget …

By itself you still have doubts about what can sit you better then we offer you a list with a series of clothes and accessories that you should avoid if the last word is yours.

-Unstitched lawn.

-Pakistani kurta for ladies

-Pret clothing

-Long dresses.

What do you think of these tips to dress if you are short ? Do you keep it in mind when it comes to fashion?

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