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The polka dot print: how to wear it?

Are you a big fan of prints? For this season, polka-dot clothing is taking center stage. Even though we can already find it in our grandmothers’ wardrobes, it’s the kind of trend that doesn’t lose its charm, even over time. In fact, this is a must have no matter what your style.

Of course, even if this polka dot trend is inspired by the retro style, it is important to choose the pieces that perfectly suit your body type and that will give you a modern look. Today, we invite you to discover her tips for wearing the polka dot print well in her looks and outfits to be trendy.

Polka-dot clothing: which ones are trendy?

Small, big, colorful, there is no longer a shadow of a doubt: the polka dot print has managed to establish itself as a no-brainer for this season. And if it is found everywhere, not all polka-dot pieces are created equal. If you want to embrace this new trend, here are the clothes to go for.

Polka dot blouse: we like it

Almost all women have a polka dot shirt in their closet. Whether you prefer classic outfits or little more original outfits; the polka dot blouse will never disappoint. We adopted him myself for this season. We especially fall for the retro and ultra-feminine look of the polka dot blouses for women UAE.

Slipped under a denim skirt or tucked into pants, you will certainly turn heads as you go. Like a chameleon, this garment will blend very easily with any outfit. But it’s not just its versatility that makes it so successful. The polka dot blouse is a piece that could not be lighter. How I love them!

Polka dot dress: we love it

You want to be trendy while feeling light and free when the warm weather arrives, the polka dot dress is a must have for your summer but also winter wardrobe. Very practical, it is always in order: whether it is for an everyday outfit or an outfit for a special event. Adopted by the great icons of fashion, this piece can be worn night or day. Thanks to its retro and romantic spirit, it will give you a look with the wind in its sails. It is found in all forms and therefore for all body types.

Polka dot pants: very trendy but use with care

Polka-dot pants are a real eye-catcher, but be warned, they’re not the most versatile piece around. And for good reason, it is not always suitable for all body types. It is not, for example, the recommended garment for curvy people or for rounded hips of the A-shaped body. Certain rules must also be observed when pairing it with other clothes and other patterns.

Polka dot accessories to adopt urgently!

It’s not just clothes that can embrace the polka dot trends. You will also find polka dot accessories. Moreover, they are to be adopted urgently. But which ones to choose? In shoes, in hair jewelry or even in tights, polka dots can be seen in all shapes and colors.

With what to wear peas

Little brother of stripes; polka dots are a very trendy and versatile print. It is even for this reason that it is so popular but what to associate with it? Depending on the size of the polka dots, this garment will play a different role in your outfit.

Off white

White is without a doubt the easiest piece to pair with all prints, including polka dots. This solid color is a real chameleon and will find its place very well on an outfit where a polka dot garment is highlighted. My little fashion tip: white shorts on a polka dot top and you’re in the forefront of the trend.

Off black

Black, like white, is a color that will not overwhelm your outfit. It is therefore a safe choice that you can very well adopt for all occasions. But unlike white, I would recommend it more for a special occasion, for example at a party where a polka dot outfit with black will be very classy.


Pants, a jacket, a top, an accessory in jeans will always look good when paired with a piece with polka dots. Just be sure to choose the color of your denim to avoid looking too dark, for example.

You can mix the polka dot with another print BUT sparingly.

Want a more original look? You can very well mix the polka dot with another print. The rule of thumb is simple: if the prints are both medium in size, you can easily combine them.


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