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Tips to get strong backlinks

In SEO, backlinks are the most important pillars in achieving high search engine rankings. But it should be noted here that the quality of these backlinks is also important. And so we need to follow some good backlink building techniques to get better from the perspective of Google or other search engines.

Write clickable content

Before publishing any content on any website, you should always consider whether this content is useful to readers.


Creating and publishing infographics is a very good method of getting backlinks and marketing strategies, and finally, it will help you increase brand awareness, service or product.

Guest Blog

This is a link building strategy, but you have to be very careful not to use rich or heavy keyword-based content, as Google can punish you.

Manage Your Broken Links

Creating broken links may affect your ranking. If you have broken links, report it to the webmaster and offer to replace it.

Internal link

Internal links can also help you increase the usability of your site for users. Adding appropriate internal links to your pages will tell search engines that you have the necessary content on your site, but do not do it again.


You can publish your well-written content in several formats, and the most popular search engine, such as Google, will not punish you for this.

Social media

Social Media is a great and powerful tool for getting strong and natural backlinks to your website.

  • Connect your site to social networks
  • Build your strong network on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and others.
  • Share your content and stay activated.

Ask for backlinks

Try asking for backlinks from your customers and friends, this might be a smart step to building SEO links. If you write blogs on your own website, then be active in answering questions from your viewers, because it will help you make yourself known.

Content Curation

This process involves collecting content from various websites and makes it useful for a specific topic for a specific audience. This will definitely improve your search engine ranking.

Question / Answer

Yahoo and Quora are the best places to make you a famous brand in your field. This will certainly help you create elegant backlinks.

Correct Inactive Backlinks

It is possible that sometimes your links will return a 404 error, so you should still fix them.

Track and analyze your competitors: Search for keywords for your site and find the same for your competitors. Using these procedures, you can make your search keywords smart enough to determine the future.Taking leading positions in search engines is not an easy task, since all search engines, such as Google, constantly change their algorithms, and link building is the best strategy in SEO services, but different sites require a different strategy, and you have to find it, to succeed. ,

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