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How to dress when you are little?

Are you small and want to put an end to the hassle of dressing? Here are my tips for highlighting your assets, with pieces to favor and those to avoid.

Finding adult clothes that fit your size and that enhance your figure is a daily challenge. Sometimes we have to considerably shorten a garment, the sleeves, and the length, even at the waist. These alterations risk completely distorting the spirit of the garment, and of course all of this costs a fortune.

Fortunately, many solutions exist. I wanted to share my experience with all the women who are in the same situation.

As you know, I am passionate about everything related to the well-being of women.

This is what prompted me to train to become an image consultant. This allows me to share my tips with anyone who needs them. Myself, I am 1.57 m tall. I have spent years finding solutions, tips to feel good about myself and my clothes.

How to choose clothes?

Prefer clothes with a simple cut, clothes with vertical lines. If you like prints opt for the more discreet, small patterns for example with small flowers or small dots and avoid large flashy prints, ditto for the horizontal stripes.

If you like stripes, vertical stripes will perfectly lengthen your figure. If you want to take things a step further, the “Makeover On Your Own” book can help you transform your style, to feel beautiful, desirable and confident, just in a few days.

What dresses and skirts to wear when you’re little?

Choose short models above the knees, this gives an optical effect that adds length to the legs.

When you’re little and want to wear a long dress, it’s better to wear it with ballet flats or heeled sandals than with pumps or closed boots. I’ll explain why.

It’s just because the long dress worn by a woman with a petite waist and high heels gives too much of a difference.

The ideal shoes that you can wear with a maxi dress are ballet flats because they’ll let you appear a bit of skin on the tops of your feet when you walk, and it makes you look taller visually. If you don’t like ballet flats, wear heeled or flat-soled sandals.

Opt for a long dress, high waist and well fitted, which covers the ankles and feminize your look with beautiful accessories, a long necklace or earrings, a bracelet, a beautiful lipstick, beautiful glasses, things that catch the eye somewhere other than your waist.

Pants style when you’re little.

For the pants for women online New York, when we are small, we put on the high waist pants, the 7 / 8th pants that reach just above the ankle. Just roll up some pants you have to show off the ankle a bit, it lengthens the leg and you will look taller.

Slim jeans that refine and lengthen the silhouette. Boot Cut jeans worn with heels are also recommended. However, avoid wearing wide pants, capris and low-rise jeans, which compress your figure.

Coats for small size

Choose a style that sits below the buttocks or mid-thigh, and fits snugly to your body to appear taller. Avoid loose fitting clothes that are too flared, they give the impression that the silhouette is tight.

Avoid too thick fur collars; rather prefer small and flat collars. Or, direct your choice to a collarless coat, then add a nice scarf in silk, fur or wool, depending on the season.

As for jackets, the recommended length is just above the buttocks. This is to give the impression of a longer leg.


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