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Top 4 Ways To Use Video Marketing In The Construction Industry

Video marketing has revolutionized marketing content for the construction industry. Video marketing not only attracts a wider market, it also affects information in their mind in a timely manner. According to a study conducted by Cielo in 2019, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when they read it in text. Construction companies have a large market, aimed at contractors, developers and distributors, so they need a means of attracting a wider audience.Video marketing is a tactic used to engage and increase exposure.

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Check Out These 4 Main Ways You Can Use Video Marketing For The Construction Industry.

1. Live Video

A huge advantage of live videos in the construction sector is that they are not that expensive and can be streamed on numerous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube Live. These videos facilitate interaction with suppliers, stakeholders and customers. Customers want to see the authentic behind the scenes, just as they prefer to watch a video rather than read an advertisement. Instant gratification of videos increases your audience and therefore increases overall ROI and profits, therefore because it is a good investment.

2. Video Tutorial

This form of digital marketing strengthens a construction company’s relationship with its customers. For example, instructional videos and frequently asked questions are a great way for your customers to learn more about your construction company for free. These quick videos are great when it comes to demonstrating how to install a product or answering common questions related to products and services. Educating your customers is a wonderful way to guarantee their trust in your brand and your company.Many potential users use YouTube as a search engine, in fact a research done by Oberlow in 2019 reveals that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with over 1.5 billion monthly users. And plays over 1 billion hours of video to users every day. These statistics demonstrate the strength of the numbers when it comes to video marketing.

3. Time Lapse Video

The construction sector is one that takes time to complete the process. Have you ever imagined the time and details associated with building a new square? The time lapse video technique allows to accelerate the evolution of a slow moving process from the construction of skyscrapers to the installation of new wooden floors for residential use, without compromising precious needs for the project. This technique is ideal for the construction sector because it allows each company to show their success, advertise their skills and involve a wider audience. These videos accentuate the complexity of construction projects and certainly generate buzz.

4. Video Testimonials

Nothing reflects the success and reliability of a construction company like testimonial videos. Testimonial videos are great for areas where reputation is critical. The reason why construction companies in particular take advantage of this type of digital marketing is because they authentically highlight convincing success and increase customer satisfaction while showing construction. Sutherland Weston conducted a study in 2019, which shows that 90% of respondents who remembered reading online reviews said that positive online reviews influence purchasing decisions. Testimonial videos automatically increase credibility and help convert leads into buyers.

Implement these video marketing strategies so your clients can click “play” so you can imagine. To become the leader in the industry, the construction industry needs to adopt new digital marketing strategies. Increasing visibility, nurturing credibility, educating consumers, and changing leads are all benefits of video marketing in the construction industry. So what are you waiting for? Camera, rolling and action.

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