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Learn Knife Safety


We focus on knives, especially strong. Using sharp knives is more enjoyable and it is actually safer than using small knives. With a sharp knife does not require using a cutting power. Below you will find other tips that work with knives in a safe and happy kitchen.


  • Make sure you work on a good job for cutting to cut. Working on a non-stable surface can result in a loss of control of your knife, which can have pain. Working on inappropriate surfaces for cutting can cause a knife stuck or without reflection cut through the face.
  • Remove the piece from your work as things can be easily spread under the rope with cutting. This can damage the knife, something you cut, or make you destroy the knife.



  • You blade must be away from your body when cutting. Obviously, make sure no parts of the body are in the cutting way.
  • Make sure you have never been confused or entered when you use a non-firing knife, other people should be safe before you cut.
  • A key point for you and your knife is to use knives for their purpose. Use your knife in a way that was not created. Hitting, deleting knives, or cutting off inappropriate materials. The cutting card with a kitchen knife can damage the blade and hurt yourself or others.
  • If a knife falls (even a safety knife), it is hurt by trying to finish it with your hand or leg. Let the knife be down instead of trying to grab as it falls.


  • While you are not being used, check that you are holding your knife or a crawler in a safe place. In fact, they should be in a block of knife or knife rail to find out where they are and so their villages are not damaged by tapping on other hard kitchen items.
  • Pipelines with respiratory or cracking items (p. The pocket knife) should have a blade removed immediately after use. The withdrawal safety lines do it automatically, thus protecting you.
  • Dispose or dull in the tool to stop the container. Never take it away from the waste or leave it where they can harm someone who does not care.
  • Maybe it is obvious, but worth mentioning should not be a knife to someone. It is also recommended that you not give a knife directly to someone. Put a knife and let someone else take it.
Enjoy your knives and be safe!

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