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Women’s suit: How to wear it? Our guide

The women’s suit is a classic garment, very easy to wear, timeless over time while being very elegant. But how to wear women’s suit? The blazer can be worn throughout the year, depending on its material and pattern. Apart from the classic black or navy blue blazer, there are many feminine and refined variations. Well beyond the jacket and women pants online UAE combination which can look like a stricter and less trendy suit. We don’t necessarily know how to wear it or how to pair it with other clothes. If you want to succumb to the blazer and wow it every time, follow our guide to the blazer for women!

The story of the female tailor

The suit jacket, which was initially a male jacket, fully integrated into the women’s wardrobe in the 1920s with the great development of Gabrielle Chanel’s creation. Nowadays, its color variations and printed patterns are an important asset in your wardrobe.

The blazer was thus adopted as a suit jacket worn daily. The blazer allows you to get dressed quickly and makes you look beautiful. Thanks to its V-shaped closure, it restructures your casual look and can be combined with several categories of stockings.

Choose a tailored jacket according to your morphology

Before choosing a suit jacket, it is essential to look at its cut. To choose the right fit for your blazer, you must take into account your morphology, your silhouette and your shapes. The more familiar you are with your body type, the more likely you are to get a fit that suits you.

For small sizes

For people of small stature, we advise you to choose a short and curved model so as not to overload your figure. The short model does not break your look. Avoid a straight cut that will make your figure too linear.

For large sizes

If you are tall, nothing prevents you from wearing the model you like. You can choose the two models according to your taste: short or long.

If you have shapes

The long and straight version is the most suitable in order to make your back more fluid while giving length to your figure. The length provided by this cut will refine your shapes discreetly. However, you should avoid models that are too short and too curved, which may give you an unsightly look.

If you are thin

For thin people, it is advisable to wear a thin and slim suit model to give you volume, or a linear and flared model, depending on your personal preferences. The 1st choice is very feminine, the second will bring you a rather masculine side.

Suit with skirt or pants?

 Wear a suit with a skirt

Along with pants, the skirt is the second most popular choice for a woman’s suit. The skirt is by definition more glamorous than dress pants (although it is quite possible to be casual in pants)

With a t-shirt

The suit jacket goes very well with a white or light gray t-shirt with a round neck or collar and neckline. Tuck your t-shirt into your bottom and at the same time wear a thin belt to mark your waist.

With a belt

The belt is an ideal accessory to spice up and modernize your suit. By placing the belt above the jacket, you will mark your size. If you wear a sober woman’s suit, you can pair it with a more flashy color.


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