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10 easy tips to be fashionable

See that girl all eyes are on? She’s not necessarily beautiful, but she has this “thing” that sets her apart from the rest. This thing? The style; It is “fashion”. It’s not just a look, it’s an attitude. We can feel her in her pumps, in her clothes and therefore in her head. She doesn’t seem to care about others, isn’t afraid of being bold. This girl, do you dream of looking like her? Here are 10 easy tips to “be trendy” without giving up on yourself.

Keywords? Subtlety and “out of your comfort zone” Yes, you’ll have to show a little courage to dare to snoop around the garish prints that you run away from to throw yourself on beige-blue-black because it goes with everything, for everything. To try out clothing combinations in the privacy of your bedroom that you wouldn’t have thought of. Or that spicy red lipstick that looks great on others but “not for me”

Subtlety because no girl who “looks” is a fashionista-sandwich who layers all the signed it-pieces of the season. There is you, your look, which draws the backdrop for your outfit. To which will be added fashionable little “candies” that will add spice, the unexpected of style.

Above all, do not compile all these tips from head to toe (by the way, its tip 10 “Less is more”) but peck as you feel and keep only a few. A garment, a daring make-up, a well-felt accessory is enough to change everything.

Finally, no ready-made formula is here. No boring and irrevocable rule (nothing is trendier than bypassing them). More like tips; little things that work easy, quick and well.

Let’s go?


Take any basic. Here, skinny jeans and white sneakers. Then put on shirts for women UAE with strong prints. Tadam! That’s Magical. Shirt, yes, but also coat, dress, pants, skirt or jumpsuit, everything can be declined in trendy prints.

In the mood of time? The retro, the geometric, the tropical jungle and the Japanese.

How do I do?

To begin with, we just choose a strong printed piece and go cool with the other pieces. This gives for example a flashy printed shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers and a black coat.

Once comfortable, we go to the next level by mixing the prints together. The rules?

  • Mix the same family of prints: large and fine stripes or small and large checks.
  • Floral patterns and stripes are the easiest to “mix-and-match” with other prints. Floral skirt and striped coat? Superb!

Mix large prints (flowers) on a piece; small (peas) on the other. Do not mix more than 3 different prints.

Do not mix more than 3 different colors. Beginner level: black and white is impeccable and guaranteed no fashion faux pas.

Work in a harmony of colors by choosing a dominant touch. For example, a dominant orange that will be found on each piece of the outfit, in small touches.

Even more daring? The animal motif comes back every season. And mixed together (leopard and zebra for example), in contrasting hues, it is a guaranteed sharp look.


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