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How to wear the Blouse with style?

Of all the tops that exist in women’s ready-to-wear, the one that is undoubtedly the most chic and that evokes elegance is the blouse. As we have seen on the various shows, the designers are bringing it up to date and making this basic piece a real essential must-have.

If you want to be the center of the trend for the seasons to come, you absolutely must have this symbol of chic in your wardrobe. And since the blouses for women UAE is clearly back on the front of the stage, Hola Amor gives you some secrets to help you wear your blouse with style.

While many designers, among those mentioned above, have presented it buttoned up to the neck, this way of wearing it does not necessarily suit all figures or all face types. First, this detail is done on a pretty blouse that has style. So forget about the old yellowed white cotton shirt that has been hanging around in your closet for over a decade! Once you have selected the right blouse, the gesture is simple: just button the last button.

Trend to follow: If you are young and thin, you can opt for wearing the blouse buttoned up to the neck. Indeed, this way of wearing the blouse will bring you a very wise look and perfectly in line with the “preppy” trend of the moment.

If wearing the blouse indoors is trendy, it is not useful to follow it if your body type does not allow it. Your body is unique and it has its qualities and its quirks. Does your figure allow you to wear the blouse this way? Should you follow this trend or not? Hola Amor fashion experts gives you their opinion.

Trend to follow: If you have a flat stomach, nothing has stopped you. You can choose to wear it outside, but you can also choose to wear your blouse inside your pants or skirt. If you wish, you can also wear a pretty belt over your blouse to emphasize your waist.

Tendency to Avoid: Wearing a blouse indoors should be avoided if you have a small round stomach. In this case, we recommend that you wear your blouse over your pants or skirt, leaving the hem of your blouse on the outside. Indulge yourself, and choose the blouse that suits you the most, the one that will become the essential complement to your spring wardrobe.

Finally, to make the right choice, remember that your blouse and pant should match your personality and style. For more details, please visit: holaamor.org


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