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How, why, why, what to do, if … Patients ask the orthodontist the most unexpected questions, because during a long treatment different situations may arise. But the specialists of the clinic, thanks to their experience, are always ready to give you an answer.

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How to determine whether the bite is right?

Sometimes the teeth can be even and look attractive, but the bite is still wrong. There are several simple signs by which you can understand that you need to contact the orthodontist. To view your bite, close your teeth and, holding them so, open your lips. What do you see?

Right bite

You can evaluate the correctness of the bite yourself

The upper front teeth do not overlap the lower ones by 1/3, that is, they are closed by cutting edges. This type of violation is called a direct bite. With it, due to improper closure, the enamel of the teeth is abraded. The upper teeth overlap the lower ones almost completely or completely. That is, when you open your lips with your teeth closed, you do not see the bottom row. Most likely, this is a deep bite, which, depending on the severity, can lead to a violation of the chewing process and even speech, early ptosis (sagging) of the soft tissues of the chin . The lower teeth are advanced forward relative to the upper. This is what the mesial bite looks like – a violation that is not easily corrected, but without treatment brings a lot of problems: teeth decay faster, prosthetics is often possible only after treatment at the orthodontist.

The centers of the upper and lower jaw do not coincide. Perhaps this is a cross bite. With such a violation when chewing, the teeth on the one hand suffer from increased stress. There is no full contact between the top and bottom row. This is an open bite that creates problems with chewing, and even breathing during sleep.If yo u were unable to determine if you have the correct bite, ask your doctor about this during a scheduled appointment: perhaps you really need the help of an orthodontist to maintain healthy teeth.

Why are braces needed on teeth for braces?

Sometimes in children, adolescents, and even adults with closed teeth, the tip of the tongue protrudes forward. If this happens all the time, an incorrect bite (for example, open) may form. With the help of spikes, an orthodontist helps to correct this bad habit. The spikes attached to the teeth (on which teeth the doctor determines) cause an unpleasant sensation if the tongue is too protruding. Gradually, the habit is forgotten.

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Microimplants are needed for treatment. It hurts?

Microimplants are usually a temporary construction. Although they are installed on the same principle as classical implants, but because of their small diameter and length, the operation is much simpler and less traumatic. It is carried out under local anesthesia. After the operation is completed, healing passes quickly, while the patient may feel a little discomfort, as after any dental intervention.

Treatment at the orthodontist

  • Treatment at the dentist-orthodontist – it’s not scary!
  • All painful procedures in dentistry are performed under anesthesia, and discomfort after treatment ends in 1-3 days (if necessary, you can take painkillers). Modern dentistry – it’s not scary!
  • The teeth look perfect, but the doctor is in no hurry to remove the braces. Why?

Not at all because he wants to torment you a little longer. Indeed, in many cases, the teeth move and become smooth quite quickly. But they need time to fix a new position, dense bone tissue is formed around the roots of the teeth. Although after removing the bracket system you still need to wear a mouth guard, but it is worn only for the night. If the braces are removed ahead of time, even during the daytime the position of the teeth may be impaired. This is a very important point in the treatment, so be patient and trust the doctor.

In case of minor violations, the teeth can become even after 3-4 months of wearing braces, but usually they are removed no earlier than 12 months from the start of treatment.

Do I need to take calcium supplements during treatment?

Whether to take any vitamin supplements at all (with good nutrition) is a matter of debate. If we talk only about calcium and only during treatment at the orthodontist, as a rule, doctors do not give such a recommendation at the stage when the teeth are actively moving. But during the period of fixing the result and after removing the bracket system, the intake of such additives may be justified, since the tissues around the roots of the teeth should be strengthened. But in any case, this is not the main thing in treatment: it is much more important to observe the rules of the retention period. If a mouth guard is made, do not forget to wear it for as many hours a day as the doctor will say.

Vitamins for teeth

Vitamins and supplements for teeth: you can take, but not necessarily

Do you want to be treated by an orthodontist, but still have questions? Contact us for advice, and our experts will help you make a decision that will give you the beauty of a smile and self-confidence. Just call us and make an appointment.

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