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How to combine the combination of Jumpsuit?


An overcoat, a relaxed cardigan or a kimono can complement the ensemble. Note that this is still handy for those who don’t like showing off their shapes in the back. If your jumpsuit is solid, spruce up your outfit with a printed cardigan. However, we avoid the print on print so as not to weigh down the silhouette.

A fitted jacket or blazer will give structure to the silhouette. If you are petite, avoid large prints that will tend to disappear this one!

If you go for a sleeveless jumpsuit, cotton t-shirt on the inside would be perfect for a casual look!

The shoes

If you are long, you can afford flat shoes like Spartans, espadrilles or even moccasins worn like slippers. Conversely, if you are small, choose low boots, derbies or pumps for a more feminine look.

Sneakers are a classic for a modern casual chic look whatever your figure. To dress up your women’s jumpsuits UAE, heels will be required for a feminine and elegant look.

The accessories

Depending on the occasion, a clutch bag with chain shoulder strap or a suitable pouch will enhance the silhouette. For the waist, if you don’t have an X-shaped figure, it would be ideal to mark it with a loose waistband to create the illusion of a waist.

Not a fan of the exposed ankles? In this case, dare to wear socks with the panty jumpsuit! There is nothing shocking about this, especially since it is common practice. If socks aren’t your thing, you can still wear the jumpsuit with sock boots.

Are you little? Nothing could be simpler than adding a touch of elegance with a long necklace that recalls the length of the body. If you opt for a printed jumpsuit or if you are luscious, we will choose thin necklaces that will bring a touch of femininity. If you’re curvy, don’t forget to accessorize your jumpsuit with big bracelets and an XXL clutch. As for the shoes, choose them with wide heels to lengthen the leg.

How to wear the jumpsuit according to the seasons?


Here is a versatile outfit very easy to adapt according to your tastes and desires. The cardigan over the fitted jumpsuit brings a little volume effect. Make sure the drawstring is adjustable at the waist. We stay on the same color tones for the shoes. The black veil does not shock and breaks the monotony of the outfit.


The fit of this jumpsuit is perfect for the modest woman! The combi being a print, we put on a plain veil so as not to weigh down the outfit. The belt to mark the waist is well seen. The denim jacket as an overcoat is very well put in value to balance the proportions with the ruffle of the lower part of the suit. For the season, we put on light fabrics such as rayon (also called viscose or artificial silk), crepe or cotton jersey (fine) for more comfort.

We could have imagined the outfit with a clutch and a fitted blazer, a chic look guaranteed for a special occasion such as an evening at a restaurant for example.


If you are not a cardigan fan, this is a great idea to add a touch of style to your jumpsuit with a denim shirt. Ideal for little ones, the burgundy boots are reminiscent of the color of the veil, ideal for fall. Despite the freshness of this season, we do not fall for the total black look, very austere. The tri colors combine perfectly and give character to the outfit!


The suit is very well suited to the season to keep warm. The materials chosen are warm and the stockings worn underneath the outfit are not shocking. White sneakers bring light to the ensemble. To break up the dark side, light makeup with a touch of red is still a good option to bring more pep’s.

We always stay on the same color tones. Making the undershirt visible not only recalls the color of the veil and the stockings, but makes the outfit much more stylish than if it were buried under the coat.

Now you know all about the combination. What is your combi style?


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