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6 things you can prepare for the first trip together

  1. Practice installing the baby seat in the car before giving birth

BeSafe baby car seats have two different installation options: The first option and the one we recommend is in combination with an ISOfix base station. By installing the baby seat with just one click, you save time and nerves every time you get in and out. As a second option, BeSafe baby car seats can always be attached to the 3-point belt of the vehicle. Both options are equally safe if everything is installed correctly.

baby seat

No matter which installation option you choose, we always recommend that you practice installing it in your car before giving birth so that you don’t have to worry about it when you leave the hospital. Please also remember to switch off the front passenger airbag whenever you install the baby seat on the front passenger seat of the car!

  1. Plan the right clothes for the first drive

If your due date falls in the colder months of the year, we recommend that you prepare the appropriate clothing beforehand. Wearing thick winter clothes in the baby seat can be dangerous because it affects the belt routing – why exactly that is important can be read here. We, therefore, recommend that you use wrap blankets or footmuffs specially developed for baby car seats that do not affect the course of the belt.

  1. How to properly put your baby in the baby seat and buckle up
  • If you have a baby seat with magnetic belt assistants, first loosen the straps of the baby seat completely (as shown in the operating instructions), open the buckle and click the straps on the magnetic belt assistants so that you have enough free space to hold your baby to place freely in the baby seat.
  • When buckling up a baby seat with a 5-point belt, you should always first tighten the hip belts by pulling the shoulder straps upwards. Then pull the central tensioning strap straight out to tighten the shoulder straps. Hold the shoulder straps together with your other hand so that they fit snugly against the baby’s neck and do not slip off your shoulders.
  • The straps of the baby seat should be particularly close to the baby’s chest and no more than one finger should fit between the belt and the baby in the belly area.
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  1. Adapt the baby seat to your child

All children grow at different speeds and have different proportions, which is why the BeSafe baby car seats can be adapted to the size of your baby in different steps.

On average, we recommend removing the cushion inserts on both sides of the headrest if the child is older than approx. 3 months or if the head no longer fits between them. The Velcro straps on both backs of the headrest sides can be removed from these cushion inserts.

Remove the baby wedge (lower part) if the child is taller than 60 cm or older than about 4 months. Remove the baby wedge (lower part) and the pillow insert (upper part) if the child is taller than 65 cm or older than approx. 6 months. Also keep in mind that you can adjust the height of the seat belts as the child grows. The correct height of the shoulder straps can be found in the manual.

But remember: since all children are different, these numbers are only average values ​​- adapt the baby seat to your child so that it is as comfortable and safe as possible!

  1. What is the maximum time a baby should sit in a baby seat?

A frequently asked question by new parents is: How often should we stop and give the baby a break from sitting in the baby seat?
Newborn babies should not sit in the baby seat for longer than approx. 1 hour without a break, older babies not longer than approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This way, you can prevent your baby from sitting in the same bent position for too long because your baby’s muscles are not yet fully developed.

If you have any questions about your special circumstances, we recommend that you always contact your midwife.

  1. Use your baby seat with a travel system for short errands

You can easily turn most baby car seats into a travel system by using adapters that allow you to click the baby car seat onto the stroller frame. To find out which adapter fits your stroller, please contact your stroller manufacturer.

A travel system can make everyday life easier in the first few months of the child and allow you to jump out and in of the car for short errands without having to constantly take your baby down. But remember not to leave your baby in the baby seat for too long – a travel system cannot and should not replace a stroller!

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