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Rose water for Skin: Wonder Drug and All-Rounder

Caring for skin and hair, reducing swelling or refining food: there is almost nothing that rose water cannot do.

Rose water is considered a beauty trend. Why it wasn’t so popular much earlier is hard to understand once you know what it can do.

The uses of rose water for skin are varied. We’ll tell you what effect it has on the skin and the whole body and why you should not only have the washbasin in the bathroom cabinet but also in the kitchen from now on.

Rose Water

What Rose Water for Skin Can do? – Effect & Application

1. Rose water for the skin: ideal for care

Not every beauty product is suitable for all skin types. But pure rose water does:

For sensitive skin, real rose water neutralizes the pH value of the skin without alcohol.

Blemished skin that is prone to pimples benefits from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dry skin is naturally hydrated.

With rosacea or reddened skin, rose water helps thanks to its astringent (contracting) and toning (strengthening) effect.

Ten things that rose water can do

  • Mature skin benefits from the anti-ageing effect. Free radicals are prevented and wrinkles are plumped up (make sure to use it on the cleavage as well).
  • Oily skin is matted by the non-comedogenic property (not clogging the pores) of rose water.
  • With regular use, sensitive skin is soothed and its protective shield strengthened.
  • Use the rose water as a natural facial toner. Simply apply it to the face using a cotton pad and pamper the skin. Or apply to affected areas and let inflammation or irritation on the face subside.
  • The best rose water according to consumers
  • Make rose water yourself – this is how it works

Do you want to do without conventional toner and prefer to make your own? We show you how it works.

Our tip:  Use organic products, because they not only guarantee the quality, they also do not contain irritating ingredients (such as preservatives or alcohol).

Use only small amounts of pure rose water. Because of the lack of preservatives, it does not last as long as a conventional facial toner, but about four weeks if it is stored in a dark bottle and in the refrigerator. Be sure to boil the containers beforehand to kill all germs. To avoid contamination of the DIY facial tonic, you should use distilled water. Shake well before use.

2. Rose water has healing properties

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, rose water helps wound healing. You can take advantage of the following problems:

For eczema or herpes infections, rose water compresses can be used to cool, soothe and aid healing.

It doesn’t just work on the skin.  A gargle solution with rose water can be very helpful for inflamed oral mucosa or unpleasant breath. Simply put 15-20 drops of rose water in a glass of water and gargle for a few minutes.

After sunburn or insect bites, the rose water also has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

Rose water can even help with stomach cramps and diarrhoea, detoxifying and calming the body.

3. Rose water for the face: soothes puffiness around the eyes

The nice-smelling water is also said to help with puffy eyes. Soak two cotton wool pads in rose water and then place them on your closed eyes for about ten minutes. You can look forward to a difference a short time later.

4. Treat your hair with rose water

Rose water not only moisturizes the skin, but also the hair. Just give a few spritzes in the lengths as a leave-in treatment and enjoy the long-lasting fragrance.

Bonus: Regularly massaging rose water into the scalp will also reduce potential inflammation and soothe an itchy scalp.

5. Rose water helps with headaches and menstrual pain

Who would have thought that the wonder drug could even relieve pain? To do this, soak a small towel in cold water (head) or warm water (abdomen), wring it out and add a few drops of rose water. Then place it on your forehead / lower abdomen and allow yourself a break of ten minutes. Rose essential oils help relieve pain and relieve cramps. The scent promotes well-being.

6. Remove make-up with rose water for the face

If you are reluctant to use chemical products to remove make-up, you can also use rose water in this case. Simply put some coconut oil and rose water on a cotton ball and gently remove the make-up from the skin.

7. Use rose water as a bath additive

What could be more relaxing for the body than a relaxing bath? Just. And here too, natural rose water is used. The fragrant water gently cares for your skin and provides it with all-round moisture.

8. Rose water is a great alternative to perfume

If you don’t have any perfume on hand, just put a few drops of pure rose water on the inside of your wrists and neck. In summer, the miracle water is also ideal as a face spray. To do this, spray a few splashes on the face, décolleté and neck.

9. Use rose water for cooking and baking

Not least because of its detoxifying effect, rose water is ideal for cooking and baking, but also because it smells wonderful. Again, make sure that the essential water is pure and pure. It looks particularly good in cookies and jellies because it gives a heavenly scented note. We’ll tell you here a delicious recipe for rose water and pistachio biscuits.

10. Prepare refreshing drinks with rose water

The all-rounder also makes a big impact in beverages, as it contains antioxidants and tannins that have an antiviral and antibacterial effect. How about a refreshing rose lemonade?

How is rose water made?

Rose water is actually a by-product in the manufacture of rose oil. Rose oil is expensive and is mostly used in luxurious facial care. It takes 60 roses to make a single drop of rose oil.

The roses are picked by hand – very early in the morning when the dew is still on the flowers. Because then the oil content in the leaves is highest. The rose oil is produced quickly afterwards by steam distillation. What remains is the rose water – actually a waste product that is nevertheless full of valuable ingredients. For more please do visit: https://www.biocospk.com/product/rose-water-for-face-and-skin/

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