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7 features that make Node.Js ideal for enterprise application development

Node.js, the JavaScript execution engine developed by Ryan Dahl, has attracted everyone’s attention since its debut in 2009. With an enviable list of pioneers, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, and the New York Times, Node. .js is definitely a favorite of the developer community. However, one area in which some developers still doubt the effectiveness of Node.js is the development of enterprise applications.

So is Node.js a good language for developing enterprise applications? Custom application development agency Dubai UAE come with their own unique set of tasks. They should be able to track business performance, help employees stay connected, keep sensitive data safe, track employee performance, and do much more. Obviously, enterprise application developers need a very reliable language for developing enterprise applications. Does Node.js meet all the requirements?

True, yes, it is. Contrary to many of the myths often associated with it, Node.js is actually a great language for developing enterprise applications. Built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js contains a very large package ecosystem called npm. Npm gives you access to an arsenal of tools that, if you know how to use them correctly, make it easy to develop the most high-performance enterprise applications. Over the past decade, the implementation of Node.js has increased significantly, giving an impetus to its very active community of developers who collectively added over 190,000 Node.js modules over the years.

Here are some of the features of Node.js that make it well suited for enterprise application development:

1. It is single-threaded

Some might say that single-threadedness makes Node.js too slow to develop enterprise applications, but in fact this argument is just a myth. Of course, Node.js is single-threaded, but this is more an advantage than a disadvantage. In the case of non-event-driven structures, you must create multiple parallel threads to handle multiple requests. At any given moment, there is a fixed number of requests that can be processed, since the number of parallel threads is limited. However, Node.js has no such restriction for parallel threads. As long as you have memory and your kernel, you can handle any number of concurrent requests in Node.js without any problems.

2. Asynchronous programming

As a developer of enterprise applications, you probably spent a lot of time complaining about outdated software and monoliths, where more and more features continue to be added to the main stream of programs, which makes it a gigantic complex website impossible to maintain. With Node.js, you get the advantage of asynchronous programming, which means that asynchronous events are executed regardless of the main program flow, which allows it to continue processing requests.This asynchrony helps reduce the cost of I / O, as well as speed them up, because one operation is independent of the other, and each can be processed independently and at the same time, improving throughput, response speed and delay.

3. Promises

Have you heard of Callback Hell? Of course you have a developer. Well, Node.js helps you avoid the hell of a callback by providing you with “Promises” – a great alternative to callbacks when working with asynchronous code. This is done by presenting a future value that can be returned at any time after the call, effectively replacing bulky callbacks. To better understand this, here is how Chris Koval of JavaScript Jabber defines promises:A promise is an abstraction for asynchronous programming. This is an object that is a proxy for a return value or an exception caused by a function that must perform some asynchronous processing. – Chris Koval on JSJ. You can check out his amazing article to find out everything you can do with promises.

4. Large NPM registry

Another great feature of Node.js is its extensive NPM registry, which, as we pointed out in the introduction, contains more than 190,000 modules and new ones are added every day. These are open source modules that are easily accessible on GitHub, which developers can freely use as they are, or conveniently configure them according to their project.This flexibility and openness encourages developers to be creative and, of course, enrich their experience and increase developer satisfaction. It also makes it easier for team members to share code without publicly disclosing business logic. When developers have to worry less about the templates and details of miniature applications, they can spend more time improving their business logic, increasing productivity and efficiency.

5. Microservice architecture

Microservices-based Node.js architecture provides horizontal and vertical scaling without loss of resources. Node.js has a much lower resource load in terms of computing power, CPU and RAM usage, increasing performance by increasing the number of I / O operations associated with the CPU. In addition, microservices greatly facilitate the work with small groups and separate code bases, which allows several groups to process certain services, which greatly speeds up development. Node.js also simplifies the management of several cross-teams located far from each other, thanks to a number of tools offered by NPM.

6. Reusable RESTful APIs

Another feature that truly reinforced Node.js as a strong enterprise-level language is its focus on reusable RESTful APIs, which are the most flexible way to develop large-scale software systems. This is achieved using APIs that can process large amounts of data by connecting to the backend, while keeping it light and efficient.

7. Increased productivity

Since Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, this facilitates learning and adaptation, and also allows developers to use the same language for the entire stack, which further speeds up the process. In addition, when developers get access to better tools, more freedom, more code sharing, more creativity, and much more flexibility, you are looking for happier, more content developers who can easily be more productive.

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