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7 analytic tools for mobile applications

In the movie, it’s easy. Box office collections are a great measure of their success and profit. Mobile app development company, on the other hand, are much more difficult to evaluate. Their success is not always measured only by income. Too many metrics to take into account. Do you want to know how many people downloaded your application, how many of them logged in, how many remained in 48 hours, a week or a month? You want to find the average income per user and lifetime income per user. You want to know why people uninstall your application so that you can solve these problems. You want to track every possible detail that will help you understand your users; their behavior, likes, desires and needs are basically all that will help you get to know them better and increase your interest. And that is why you need a truly experienced analytical service.

The right analytics service will help you organize a lot of data coming from different sources, and skillfully process numbers to extract useful ideas. And thanks to a wide range of indicators that need to be monitored in a mobile application, choosing the right service becomes even more important. There are a number of services available, and for the uninitiated, focusing on anyone can be a daunting task. We’ve put together a list right here to help you discover all the options available and decide which one is perfect for your mobile application.

1. Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is one of the few free analytic services for mobile applications without any data restrictions. Created by the Yahoo Developer Network, it allows you to simultaneously track data from 5 applications. With machine learning applied to demographic data, Flurry Analytics helps identify user segments by age, gender, and other parameters. This then allows you to track data such as application usage, installation dates, receive channels, location, language, and version of the application, classified by user segment. In fact, Flurry can identify users like sports fans, fitness enthusiasts, new moms, pet owners, small business owners, lifestyle fans, and more, allowing app developers to truly personalize their campaigns.

2. App Annie

Reputation App Annie is another extremely popular analytic and rating platform. In short, App Annie is a platform for ranking applications, analytics and market analysis, with a focus on games and applications. It offers application makers a single dashboard that tracks application data across platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon. It sends daily and weekly emails and reports to the app store to keep you updated. Another exceptional feature is the App Store’s tailor-made optimization strategies, which it offers based on your app’s data trends, combined with keyword suggestions. This allows you to track the success of your various campaigns and compare revenue to optimize your future marketing strategy.

3. Countly

Countly is an open source analytics platform that can track a number of important metrics, including user actions, user events, and internal errors. It allows you to know everything about your users, allowing you to get a very complete picture of your users’ behavior and how they use your application.A distinctive feature of Countly is that it is hosted on the server side and not on the client side. This makes it better than many browser-based analytic tools, because it is not affected by extensions such as ad blockers, which allows you to collect data continuously. Countly has it all: from crash alerts in your email to event analytics and plugins.

4. Localytics

Localytics is definitely one of the very popular application marketing and analytics platforms out there. It combines several powerful tools on one platform. In addition to the full-stack application analysis tools, another feature that Localytics really loves is the ability to enable and re-enable. Using targeted in-app messaging and push messaging, Localytics allows you to re-engage users who have uninstalled your app, as well as encourage those who have stopped using the app to give it a second look. Real-time analysis of Localytics engagement and funnel management allow you to closely monitor user behavior and identify trends. This will help you turn visitors into new users and new users into regular regular users. For those who would like to take one more step, you can also subscribe to premium services. Tempting is the fact that with the easy-to-install Localytics SDK, you can install and activate in less than 10 minutes.

5. Appsee

Appsee is a great quality analytic tool for mobile apps that provides a visual layer to help you observe and control user behavior with extremely subtle details, illustrated by user records and sensory heat maps. It offers in-app analytics in real time, crash records, conversion sequences, and useful information. In addition, it helps you automatically detect user interface problems, such as non-responsive clicks, leafing, or pinching, which allows you to better optimize your user interface. With ease of setup and integration, Appsee is ready to use in minutes.

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool for analyzing visitors for both mobile and web sites, designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. This is a tool that provides you with more than just browsing and recording traffic. With detailed user segmentation, Mixpanel really helps you refine the impact of all your marketing channels and gain a comprehensive understanding of each marketing channel. Real-time monitoring of Mixpanel user activity, as well as tracking of movements, views, likes, promotions and purchases, allows you to understand trends in user interactions.

7. Apsalar

Apsalar is a complete analytic solution for mobile applications that allows you to track user activity in multiple applications without restrictions and retrieve real-time cohorts and user participation statistics. Designed to meet the needs of the most advanced application marketers, Apsalar offers more than just the total number of downloads and installations. It offers detailed observations and ideas thanks to its specialized tools and even allows your team to access comprehensive documentation. It has been praised by the community for its high availability and low latency platform, making it one of the most reliable tools.

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