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Clothes influence the way we think and act

One of the most widespread problems among women is that of not knowing how to create new combinations with the clothes in your wardrobe from Pakistani pret wear; do you find yourself in this type too? Then today’s article is for you, because we’ll give you some tips on how to create new combinations with your usual clothes! Let’s see some tips:

Create a pairing starting from the top

Choose a shirt, sweater or blouse that you want to wear that day, and start creating a pairing starting from that. Absolutely avoid the usual pants or skirt that you wear with that shirt! Look in your closet, put your shirt on the bed and try to put on other pants, jeans, or skirts that you have in the wardrobe. Therefore, try to get out of your comfort zone and not be afraid to dare! The best combinations are born like this.

Create your outfit by choosing the bottom first

As before but in reverse, decide which trousers you want to wear that day, and start to look at some of your wardrobe blouses or shirts. Are the trousers blue? ranges with red, white, bright green, lemon yellow, pink or fuchsia; if the garment has instead warm tones like brown or beige, match it with a cream, coral, ocher yellow or mustard yellow shirt, undergrowth green or military green. The important thing is that you don’t choose the blouse that you usually wear with those pants, it is forbidden to end up on the combinations you always use! Then decide which impression you want to give to the whole: if you have a formal meeting, you are on the classic, if it is a leisure time outfit, play more imaginatively. And then add the accessories of that style: shoes, bijoux, bag but also scarf.

Create a new pairing starting from one of your favorite clothes

It’s the turn of the dress, friend of every woman! Start from your black dress, but also from a more easy and colorful day dress, and try to put on several jackets or cardigans on it. If it seems to you that the whole works, add the shoes: if you want a more feminine and well-groomed look, choose shoes like pumps, ballet flats. If, on the other hand, you want to be more imaginative, match it with a small boot, a boot, a brogue.

In general, the variety will be the predominant note until it accommodates all kinds of drawings hearts, cactus, messages and animals. You will find everything in the designs of the new season. You just have to dare to put them on!

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