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Competitor Site Analysis: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is difficult to imagine a modern company without its own website. Sales and business success depend on the comfortable interaction of the visitor with your resource. In this article, we will tell you how conducting a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ sites will help improve your business development strategy on the Internet.

Why do you need an analysis of competitors’ websites

To understand in which direction you and your business should move. By carefully studying your competitors, you will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as find out:

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how many firms are selling the same goods or services;

what traffic sources are used;

how they try to hook the client and what they offer new;

what content strategy they follow;

how to form a positioning and strategy for your online business based on the above.

The ultimate goal of competitor analysis is to find your own way to increase the company’s profit by determining the current situation in the industry.

How to identify key competitors

Choosing the wrong competitors for analysis can lead to useless results, so their choice should be approached carefully.

First of all, we are interested in direct competitors. They sell similar products, the assortment is similar in its breadth, and operate in your region. In addition, you can select indirect competitors, such as large Moscow companies and market leaders covering the entire country.

Where to find competitors?

Survey of employees and target audience. Ask them what competitors they’ve heard of.

Top search results and contextual advertising. Use basic queries that customers can search for you. For example, if you have 20 queries, select those companies that have appeared in the search results 4 or more times.

Ratings. Find industry rankings and take leaders. For example, for the query “rating of construction companies” there are many selections with arguments for the position of companies in the top.

Search in social networks. Using keywords, you can find popular groups and social media accounts led by your competitors.

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Services. Special services will help to simplify the task of finding competitors, which we will discuss below.

Services for analyzing key competitors.

The use of services allows using statistics to identify the strengths of competitors’ sites.

Services make it easy to conduct competitive analysis by:

studying the popularity of the site;

search for similar resources;

determining the visibility of competitors and pages with the highest traffic;

studying advertising key phrases.

There are a lot of tools for finding and monitoring competitors’ sites, we will consider a few of the most useful of them.

Arsenkin tools. This is a free service, it will show the top positions in the search results, the meta tags of the pages. For companies doing business in different regions, the tool will help you see the results for different regions;

Serpstat. A multifunctional tool that allows you to analyze visibility, traffic from search, semantics and much more;

Similarweb. Allows you to view top sites similar to yours and other interesting statistics;

Bukvarix. With its help, you can see the queries for which the competitor is ranked and its position in the search results.

Stages of analysis of competitors’ sites

It is necessary to select from the general list from three to five companies – this is the optimal range for assessment. You can expand this list by adding one company that is larger than you in scale or holds a significant part of the market, you can learn from it interesting experience.

Let’s define 5 main directions in which the check should be carried out:

Traffic sources

The convenience of use

Selling component of the site


Website technical optimization

These are the factors that most strongly influence the achievement of business goals on the Internet. Let’s analyze each in detail.

  1. Sources of traffic

Particular attention should be paid to the traffic source – the main channel from where competitors get customers. This can be traffic from search results, contextual advertising or referrals from social networks, and so on. You can use Similarweb to check.

From the table, we can conclude that most of the traffic comes from contextual advertising. It is worth considering it as the main channel for receiving traffic; in addition, you can do search engine optimization of the site.

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  1. Ease of use

The first thing you should pay attention to is how the site works. How simple and intuitive the catalog is, is the menu convenient, are there all the necessary sections. What matters is how quickly and easily the user can find all the information he is interested in.

Estimate: how many pages, sections and texts are located on the site, how the content is designed, how easy it is to find the desired section or product. Also appreciate the design, how attractive and thoughtful it is.

For example, a large furniture store. The client wants to buy a “Sliding wardrobe”. Goes to the site and sees:

a catalog with a convenient and obvious menu;

search string;

in the desired section, it is possible to filter products;

all goods have value, photos, characteristics.

All these elements are aimed at ensuring that the visitor takes the targeted action.

  1. The selling component of the site and the conversion path

The main goal of any commercial site is to sell. The assessment of the selling component consists of a list of factors:

Pricing policy of the company (prices are below / above the market or like everyone else);

Product range;

Convenience and completeness of contact information, availability of different communication methods;

Discounts, bonuses and other loyalty programs;

Product warranty;

Availability and content of social networks;

Does the site encourage the user to take the targeted action?

  1. Content

Content is a key element of a selling site, whether it is a description of the services provided or an overview of a product. The content should be clear and interesting for the user. It is worth checking first of all the text on the main page and on the pages of categories of goods or services.

Pay attention to:


What is the meaning of the text? What is trying to convey to the visitor? Put yourself in the client’s shoes and evaluate how useful this text can be for him.

Text quality

The quality of the text is assessed by several parameters:

  1. The volume of the text and its uniqueness

Look at the number of characters in the texts of competitors, it will be optimal to identify the average value and stick to it.

With uniqueness, everything is easier. There is only one rule, unique texts are good, non-unique texts are bad.

Both of these parameters can be checked using text.ru

  1. Water content and stylistics

“Water” is unacceptable in sales texts. This includes all useless, redundant and insignificant information.

Stylistics is how succinctly the text is written. The Glavred service helps to evaluate the style. Acceptable grade – 7 points or more, good – more than 8.

If your competitors have low quality content, you still need to improve your copy. So you can turn them into your advantage.

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Availability of pictures and videos

Empty text is of little interest to visitors. Pictures, infographics and videos increase audience engagement and retention. Even if your competitors do not use media content, use it for yourself and you will benefit.


It is always more pleasant to read the text divided into paragraphs, with bulleted lists, without very long sentences and a single narrative logic. This can be called taking care of the reader, it is recommended to use it in any text.

  1. Technical site optimization

Technical optimization check consists in the analysis of such parameters as:

page load time

adaptability to mobile devices

broken links, sections, visual elements

Search engine optimization (SEO) also refers to the technical side of websites. Tightness of sites for search engines allows you to get more traffic, and therefore leads. Basic SEO parameters can be checked using Serpstat service, such as:

positions in search results

phrases for ranking competitors

reference mass

And also, it allows you to scan and display a complete list of errors, such as 404, errors in meta tags and others.


The most important step is to draw the right conclusions, highlight good ideas. Knowledge in the field of classical marketing, presentation of the market situation and experience will help you determine your strategy for developing your business on the Internet.

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