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Eighteen skirts that are easy to wear when all you love is pants

When one devotes a cult to the pants, it is difficult to pass to the skirt. Yet here are some suggestions that make you want to be tempted, even in winter.

Practical, easy and versatile in autumn, the pants are not lacking in advantages to make them preferable to the skirt. Those resistant to the latter see the most cautious join – often reluctantly – their ranks when the cold is felt. But when you like to shake up your habits and go from classic jeans to velor pants (very trendy this season), why not try wearing your skirt version? Because the alternatives to the pants unearthed in his wardrobe are numerous.

Swap his jeans

It goes with everything and flatters our forms. But now, putting on these jeans often makes us fall into the easy and can quickly become boring. What if the solution to this slightly anticipated look lay in wearing her skirt counterpart? Too girly, too 2000’s, too short, too summery. The denim skirt in winter does not seem an easy task.

The more denim addicts wanting to rub it on will opt for a plain version. Trapezoidal shape, falling to the hips and reaching mid-thigh or just below the knees, it does not prevent comfort or movement, like pants. It goes without question with the whole wardrobe, so we choose it with a row of buttons or topstitching, to give it more character.

His extra thing? You can wear it summer or winter.

Swap your checkered pants

The Prince of Wales is the flagship print of the past two seasons. We love it on these 7/8 pants – to wear regularly to go to work – but we will also certainly love it on the many skirts that have adopted it. We opt in particular for the long version, straight and slit at the back. Stopping mid-calf, all you have to do is break your too “lady” side by combining it with your favorite sneakers, a pretty T-shirt and a big sweater. The same goes for prints with polka dots, flowers, etc.

Swap your velvet pants

Switching to corduroy pants has certainly been a step before. So why stop there? Short or ribbed velvet, the skirt recalls the models we were made to wear as children. Those who let themselves be tempted will choose it straight and short with a pretty blouse or a turtleneck for a very seventies look, but easy to assume. Camel, brick, black, navy blue, off white, pine green … The velvet skirt also adapts to all tastes and can add relief to a slightly too classic outfit.

His extra thing? She keeps warm.

Swap his leather pants

If we are among the followers of vinyl or mat leather pants, it is because we assume their rock side, sexy but not too much. The leather skirt has been democratizing for several seasons, but often in a short version, not always comfortable and not allowing for too generous lunch. So as not to regret its purchase, it is therefore chosen with a wallet, mid-thigh and in a supple leather which allows movement and serene digestion.

His extra thing? She goes with everything.

Swap his black pants

Can we do more classic? For a meeting, for a solemn occasion or an evening, the black pants follow us everywhere, acting timeless and indispensable. Who would dare say that the little black skirt is not too? To avoid wearing the same straight or pencil cut as everyone else, give in to standardization and be forced to wear tights, we hasten to choose a model with a very fashionable line. Midi length, in thick but fluid fabric and high waist, it has everything to please. With heels, she slims the silhouette; Flat, it takes the place of wide pants off the cuff.

Swap your tailored pants

It is at all professional appointments and looks much more “original” than a skirt. For business women, these flannel pants are a basic, on par with black pants. But as one believes oneself to rise above the fray, wearing the pants for women has become as expected as a pencil skirt.

To avoid falling into the cliché, take advantage of the midi trend to dare the corolla shape or in a stopping below the knee. Whether you are a fan of pumps or flat shoes, it brings modernity to any office outfit. We choose it in a dense material with pockets to find the comfort of pants, and then we enhance its austere side by associating it with a flowery blouse or a pretty fine-knit turtleneck.


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