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Summer Trends 2019: See What’s going to fashion -women clothing

Yes, we are still in love with the 2019 winter Collection. But the summer 2019 Trends are so unmissable that we decided to share them in advance. It is to be said that quite a lot of the wardrobe of the coldest time of the year will be present, reformatted and rethought.

In addition, the Spring 2019 fashion will bring together casual looks, 80’s references and more! So come on.

Lawn, the fabric of the time

The big bet of the time is the  unstitched lawn suits . In addition to its structural feature and texture, the fabric of the moment will be accompanied by incredible patterns and super vibrant. This trend has a lot of potential for its ability to provide unpretentious looks, but with lots of fashion information and comfort.

An important feature of  lawn, as a trend of Summer 2019, is its performance in modeling and cuts in  suits and pants. This is due to their structurability and strength, which these parts usually ask for and need.

Mix of prints, back with everything!

Who remembers the tropical floral and spring digital shirt prints from last year? So they’re back. Still good! But the novelty is that they are accompanied and very well accompanied, see? In addition to the acclaimed animal print and stripes, we will have vibrant colors (very close to the neon), which give the whole spring tone to the pieces.

As much as it is a mixture of prints, in this season we will see super harmonic combinations, that will combine sober and simple models with pulsating tones and solid color (color block) with very complex patterns.

Floral Digital Shirt print in Summer 2019


Time that is winning can be modified yes. But, of course, keeping what is good and improving the whole as a whole. As well? A good example of this is the maintenance of the floral ladies digital print in the Summer Collection 2019. In addition to its success in the previous season, the print has won our hearts for its versatility and beauty.

After all, it is not any pattern that goes well with sober and earthy colors of winter and vibrant tones of spring. The most current version of the print that mimics floral, works super well with neon and leaves nothing to be desired when accompanied by neutral colors such as black and white. That is, we already understand that this is a trend that we should take extra attention, due to its commercial appeal and much fashion information.

In short, we will have spring verses that are quite versatile and full of life. With a commercial appeal on the spot and lots of beauty for those who like it.

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