We offers you personalized baking boxes that will tempt your customers to repeatedly buy from you. The bakery boxes we produce are robust, resistant and naturally attractive to the eyes. And we haven’t mentioned the best part yet. These bakery boxes can be customized in any way or shape as you prefer. In addition to this, we offer you customization in the following departments:

  • Paper
  • Dimension
  • Color
  • Design


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Bakery boxes not only have to be attractive to look at, but they should also get the job done. What we mean by this is that they will protect everything inside the bakery package and keep it true to how it should have been. What makes us better than our competitors is the high quality paper we use. But since we believe in empowering you, we also offer customization of the card used. You can choose between ecological kraft from 10pt to 28pt (from 60lb to 400lb), corrugated cardboard with E-flute, cardboard or cardboard. The Kraft material will make your custom printed kraft baking boxes outstanding among its competitors. There are different types of customized bakery boxes that are prepared according to the size and outline of the item to be packed. Other than that, you can be sure that the baking boxes will be developed according to your expectations. You can have bakery boxes for numerous varieties of bakery items you want.

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Fantastic designs for unique custom bakery boxes

You can also change the shape of the box. Each goes with a square or rectangular canned shape. Here you have the opportunity to be different and, therefore, it will be more likely to attract the attention of your customers. You can do this by going with a differently shaped box. In addition to this, decide the size of the baking boxes and other food boxes such as cake boxes. Ideally, you should have customized bakery boxes of different shapes for different bakery items. Larger personalized food boxes will be appropriate for a cake while a small shaped box will be more suitable for cookies. Design is something you have a complete grip on. Which colors to choose, which text to print, which motifs to select, everything will be decided by you.  You can keep it simple and clean with a minimalist solid color box or make things fun with a heavily printed design. If you are in a state of frenzy after seeing the many designs available to you, don’t worry because our team of experts will provide you with a guide on which design to choose. Below are some of the designs we offer, take a look and choose accordingly:

Tuck-End box. Most companies prefer concealed design because they are easy to manage and use. It is available in three types, namely, rectilinear, reverse and self-locking lower end box. Each type has its own specialty. Let us know your choice and we will get to work immediately.

Sleeve box. As the name suggests, the sleeve boxes are those in which you can take out a piece like a sleeve. It is unique and delicate and will be a good choice for baked goods.

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Gable box. Known as the handle box, the gable box can be a good idea for your wholesale bakery boxes. The best part is that you can select the size, shape, color and other customizable items yourself and get the fantastic package at your fingertips.

Display box. Display boxes play an important role in the effective marketing of your brand. They are designed to highlight product specifications and attract audiences.

Get amazing wholesale packing boxes from us always!

To give you a proof of what custom baking boxes will look like in reality, we will provide you with a flat view and a 3D model of the box. You can see what your personalized food and drink boxes will look like and make any changes if necessary.  In addition, in addition to quality, you will receive customized bakery boxes at wholesale rates. You can get all these baking boxes in a step of 4 to 6 working days. If you are in a hurry and need custom baking boxes at an earlier date, we will do it accordingly. In a nutshell, you can get personalized baking boxes from us that will make your head spin.

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