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Stylish ways to wear the blouse

For now, we are giving you good fashion advice on how to wear it, the shirt, and rather to keep it too. Will these inspiring looks be enough to convince you?

The blouse is an essential that we tend to neglect. Yet it deserves our full attention. Wearing blouse is easy to wear and so trendy when you know the codes to wear it well.

Which model of shirt to choose? What style to adopt with it? And above all, what are the right combinations to build a silhouette?

Needless to say, since the time it has been in racks, the shirt has been able to reinvent itself without forgetting where it comes from.

The white shirt obviously remains the mother of the little family. But, today, we can count on the colorful shirt like the blue shirt or the pink shirt. Prints have also become encrusted to offer striped shirts, polka-dot shirts, floral shirts and even checkered shirts that we now see everywhere.

In terms of materials, the cotton shirt remains the most popular even if the denim shirt is not very far behind and over the years has managed to find a warm place on the list of fashion essentials to have absolutely.

The real revolution in the “camisa” department is the cut. Cropped top or maxi shirt, cut out sleeves or flared sleeves, revisited collars, the shirt is reinvented to amaze you and always be closer to fashion trends.

Wear the shirt: choose your style

Over time, the women’s shirt blouses New York has established itself as a basic that can be tweaked to infinity.

Obviously, it’s perfect in a classic style with jeans and a jacket when you don’t know how to dress for a job interview or just going to work.

But, wearing the shirt can also be one of the essential pieces of a sportswear look with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers or even a streetwear look with a cap and a bomber. It is the perfect ally for a pointed style if you want to adopt an androgynous or more rock silhouette for example.

And then, in the evening, the shirt becomes the main asset of a chic and glamorous evening outfit. With a pantsuit or a pencil skirt, it can be worn slightly open, revealing lace underwear.

Wear the shirt: choose your combination

To wear the shirt, you have a thousand and one possible associations. The key is to find the right ones to always compose beautiful silhouettes.

If you want to wear a shirt with pants, you can bet on jeans, a safe bet. Wear the vintage jeans with a striped shirt with a pair of sneakers that gives a casual style. If you want to show off your curves, opt for high waist jeans instead. Attention, if you choose printed pants prefer to associate it with a plain shirt. Mixing prints can be a tricky exercise.

With a skirt you can also have fun. Wear a leather midi skirt with a white shirt and a pair of ankle boots that gives you a rock style. And, if you’re not comfortable with this length, you can choose a short or long skirt.

And then, let your creativity flow by daring. For example, pair a plain shirt with a cropped top or even a dungaree dress. Also play with fashion accessories like the silk scarf tied around the neck or chunky necklaces.

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