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Beauty Body Tips for a perfect body

It has been a long winter and our figure has suffered. As summer approaches, swimsuits are out, but how do you effectively hide the orange peel and love handles? Enjoy this selection of slimming clothes to wear before summer outings to refine your figure.

We all know the formula heat + sun = swimsuit. However, to sport a lean body, you need the right slimming clothes! Focus on their operation and efficiency!

Do 2 sizes less in just 6 days, firm the body in 10 nights and without the slightest effort. Can certain clothes really erase our winter curves before summer arrives? While this is possible in theory, it is different in practice. While this type of clothing doesn’t make you lose ten pounds in a snap, it does help, along with a healthy diet and regular sports activities. By combining these two elements with slimming clothes, you will effectively sculpt your figure.

Cosmeto-textiles: This new concept is almost miraculous, even if its name is difficult to pronounce. Slimming clothes benefit from the same virtues as certain cosmetics thanks to the technique of micro-encapsulation. The capsules burst due to friction with the skin, which releases active ingredients in the body.

The active ingredients of cosmeto-textiles are continuously distributed. This is better than one or two applications of slimming cream a day.

Missteps to avoid when you’re thin

While there are tips for being feminine when you’re thin, there are faux pas that will have the opposite effect.

As a thin woman, you should avoid:

Coats that are too long and straight which do not feminize your figure; the total black look (except with a mix of materials as in the example of the velvet suit); the very thin straps that do not balance your bust; tight-fitting mini-skirts that accentuate the smoothness of your legs; ladies kaftan dresses UAE that hide your thick figure.

To be worn with care: the V-necks that create verticality. Make sure that the neckline is not too deep or sagging at shoulder level. You can also counterbalance this vertical effect by choosing a pattern with horizontal stripes or flowers to regain volume that are associated with stiletto heels. So that the combination of these two pieces does not excessively accentuate the finesse of your legs, you can opt for light blue or cream skinny jeans; for patterned slim pants, in velvet or colored slim pants.

 Sweat clothes: beware of sweat!

Designed with neoprene, these garments will make you sweat in order to quickly eliminate toxins from your body. By removing these, you will lose centimeters in the stomach or thighs. Be careful, it’s not the fat that is gone, it’s just water. You will recover those few centimeters after rehydrating yourself.

Thanks to sweat clothes, you will have beautiful skin. These fight cellulite while draining the body.

Bottom Line: You can’t lose weight by eating a burger while wearing slimming clothes. For these to be more effective, they must be combined with a balanced diet and lots of sport. Slimming clothes beautify the skin, refine the silhouette and fight against cellulite, all at a lower cost compared to palpate-roll sessions. These also shape the silhouette in addition to sculpting it. To take full advantage of their effects, put them on while you exercise!

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