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How to wear your tailored pants during the summer?

Do you like to be elegantly dressed and present yourself with distinction while asserting your mastery of style? The fame of the pantsuit has grown in recent years to the point that wearing it today is seen more as an affirmation of your taste for fashion. This fabulous piece is the ultimate outfit to wear if you want a chic, feminine and sophisticated look. But how can we wear this classy and trendy piece during the summer? Mademoiselle Grenade is now presenting some tips for wearing your tailored pants during the season.

Go for light colors

Strict pants, in slightly harsh colors such as black or gray, are perfectly suited to your professional outfits. But if you want to stand out and fully express your uniqueness, why not opt ​​for pants in light or pastel shades? Of course, neutral and light tones such as nude beige or powder pink are also suitable, but do not hesitate to explore other more daring and just as soft shades such as pastel blue.

Try bright colors

If you’re a fan of trendy outfits, don’t hesitate to venture into some brightly colored, more dynamic tailored women pants online UAE. Why not opt ​​for coral, hot pink or fuchsia pants? These more energetic and daring hues will allow you to put together a stunning, chic and on-trend outfit, just like any other bright color with tapered or baggy tailored pants.

Fall for printed tailored pants

Another way to add personality to your outfit and assert your uniqueness, while being chic and trendy, is to wear tailored pants with printed patterns. Of course, some pants with too colorful or too large patterns may be unsuitable for professional outfits but lighter patterns will be quite suitable for office outfits.

Some women may find it more difficult to wear tailored pants outside of the workplace, especially those who work as an executive in a company. But it is quite possible to wear tailored pants casually and opt for a casual look. Printed tailored pants are easier to wear in a setting other than professional and they are perfectly suited to more uninhibited outfits.

Create interesting color combinations

Wearing tailored pants doesn’t mean you have to go for an ultra-formal and rigid outfit or go for a monochrome look all the time. Have fun. Creating interesting color combinations will make your outfit more remarkable and adorable. Your pace will be all the more suited to spring and summer.

Wear mismatched tailored pants

Do you think tailored pants are too chic? Too dressed? It is true that tailored pants are generally worn formally and suited to the corporate world. However, you can always pair it with a more relaxed top. Take a look in your wardrobe and do not hesitate to try different things to create new outfits with the tailored pants you usually wear. You will be surprised at the result. Once again the watchword is “Have fun”: Have fun.

Be bold with your pajama pants

If this fashion has been on the tip of its nose for a few years, the pajama pant style is a fairly recent trend with the general public. If you are looking for an alternative to the classic pantsuit, going for this style is the best bet.

Look for pajama pants with sharp details to avoid looking like you were surprised when you jump out of bed. The trick is to devote your efforts to your makeup as well as the care of your hair. Be careful, as you can probably imagine, pajama pants will probably not be accepted in your workplace.


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