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How to wear a Moroccan kaftan?

If at the beginning, we dared to wear the oriental tunic only on the beaches, currently it is being made a new life on the cobblestones of the city. Appreciated for its unparalleled elegance, this outfit is becoming a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Above all, do not forget that this ethnic tunic hides behind its refined elegance a story that can be traced back to its country of origin.

Caftan and hijab, the very symbol of elegance

Originally pronounced “caftane”, this long and wide dress was born in Persia, before spreading quickly throughout the Muslim East, before entering Andalusia. Currently, Western beauties do not hesitate to wear a beautiful red caftan during major events such as weddings, gala evenings, etc. Originally intended for city dwellers, this elegant ethnic tunic is currently the most worn during major holidays, with precious jewels and often adorned with luxurious embroidery.

For brides who want to stand out on their big day, a kaftan worn with a hijab means a lot. If this is your case, but at the same time you still want to wear a veil during the ceremony, the resulting blend and contrast is stunning. For this, you can associate the hijab with the caftan. You just need to match the colors well to add that little extra to your outfit. By the way, don’t hesitate to wear some lavish jewelry or a tiara to mark your big day. Visit this link for some ideas on wearing a red kaftan.

How to wear a caftan with a skirt?

Sumptuous and elegant, the oriental tunic can be worn in several ways. If ladies kaftan dresses UAE worn with a hijab doesn’t define you, you can wear it with beautiful pearls and rhinestones to make a striking entrance to parties, or sport stunning embroidery that will enhance its splendor. In any case, you can simply wear it with a skirt whose tone goes very well with the caftan.

A caftan worn with a skirt is also very elegant. Fashionistas don’t hesitate to wear them to make the bride the princess of the day. A long, voluminous skirt, ideally made of a superb layering of fabrics with a caftan casually thrown over the shoulders. Here is an outfit that can very well replace a classic wedding dress. However, for a less formal city outfit, you can bet on a more discreet skirt, which will in any case be highlighted by the kaftan you wear. The main thing is to give free rein to your desires and preferences for this detail. Seek advice from your stylist, if necessary.

What about a caftan with tulle?

For a new look, anything goes. Why not try a caftan, this Moroccan tunic which is gaining more and more popularity in most Western countries? Wear a very chic tulle kaftan. This style will allow you to combine the traditional caftan beautifully with modern fashion.

Indeed, the graceful and refined character of the caftan and the lace of the tulle will highlight your elegance, if you dare such a style for your wedding. Either way, this outfit is great for any occasion and it can be worn at any event. You just need to know how to choose the right accessories for the occasion, in other words the ceremony to be honored.


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