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Wedding guest outfit for women in pants: how to get your look

Here are some tips for choosing the right wedding pants if you are invited. For those who will opt for this option, it is essential to think about your look as a whole (accessories, jackets, hairstyle, make-up etc) so that your wedding guest outfit in pants is really suitable for an occasion like this- this.

Here is a concentrate of my advice on how to dress for a wedding if you choose the pants!

How to be chic and stylish in pants to go to a wedding

If you are tall, buy pants for women New York that end just above the floor, it will look very stylish and give a lot of movement when you walk.

If you are petite, choose a tight-fitting, cigarette-type wedding pant style if your hips are not too rounded. But avoid pants that are too wide, which will crush your figure.

For a wedding, we do not skimp on the material. Choose good quality fabrics, with a nice drape such as crepe or lyocel. Choose pants or an elegant wedding jumpsuit, well suited to your figure.

  • Avoid the casual look of loose pants with elastic or a drawstring at the waist. Prefer wedding pants with belt.
  • Complete your wedding trouser look with trendy accessories, such as chunky jewelry or beautiful earrings.
  • Your hairstyle must absolutely be neat and your makeup impeccable, your wedding dress in pants will only be more elegant.
  • Flat shoes with wedding pants are avoided at all costs. Whenever possible, shoes with heels are recommended.

Don’t hesitate to wear a cute colored belt to add interest to your look. Choose with great care the top or the top that will accompany your wedding pants. You can even choose tailored pants.

Pants styles suitable for a wedding

Not all pant shapes are suitable for a wedding; here is my selection of pant styles to get to a wedding without worrying about being “underdressed”. My favorite remains the Palazzo pants, fluid, chic and ultra-elegant that suit many body types.

  • Cigarette pants
  • Carrott ‘(or carrot) pants
  • Elephant patterned trousers
  • Suit pants (straight, slim or flared)
  • Slim pants
  • Palazzo pants
  • Palazzo pants for women

The palazzo pants for women, fluid and elegant remain for me the most beautiful option to go to a wedding when you are invited.

It is a mix between long skirt and pants, and borrowed its codes and its cut from the 70s. You can accessorize it with very feminine clutch bags, as well as casual pumps. Indeed, the very elegant spirit of these fluid pants lends itself well to accessories with a strong personality.

Women’s carrot pants for wedding

The carrot pants are also very chic and can be worn very well for a wedding. Like the palazzo, do not hesitate to wear beautiful accessories and a blouse or top in beautiful materials such as silk to counterbalance its “masculine-feminine” style.

In view of its ankle length, you can wear it very well with a Salomé type shoe or any other strap sandal, it will be very elegant. You don’t have to wear it with too high a heel either, medium or small heels go very well with these kinds of pants.


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