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Top 4 Digital Strategies In Construction

The 15-story Traders Bank Building located in Yonge and Colborne, was the first real skyscraper built in Toronto and was completed in 1913. Fast forward to the present day, where Toronto has one of the most iconic skylines in the world with 19 buildings that exceed the 200 meters high. As how different the Toronto skyline is, the general construction landscape has changed, with digital marketing as one of the main reasons. About 93% of construction companies said they would increase marketing activities in 2018.

Now, simply taking advantage of marketing won’t always work. 74% of construction web marketing campaigns fail. You deserve the best. That’s why we’ve outlined the 4 best digital strategies that a construction company should use to make sure they are spending their budgets the right way.

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“Content is king” – Bill Gates, 1996

Although the quote is somewhat dated, it is still incredibly valid. The content you write about, whether it’s blog posts, info graphics or exploitation of social media platforms, says a lot about you and your company. It’s simple, the better the content you publish, the more customers can appreciate it. The more customers can appreciate it, the more likely they are to generate a sale. Content marketing generates three times as many contacts as outgoing marketing, generates six times higher conversion rates and has the potential for 7.8 times more web traffic. Put simply, it’s a nice kick.

Not only does content marketing help you generate leads, but it also helps you understand who your customers are. Each customer requires a unique customer journey, so it’s incredibly important to know who your customers are and what makes them specifically want your service / product.

Interesting topics you can talk about include:

  • Industry trends
  • “How to” Guides on performing beginner level jobs
  • Construction safety tips
  • Tips for choosing the best contractors
  • Checklists
  • Construction-related models

Local SEO

When looking for a contractor, consumers usually look for a professional in their area as it increases the convenience of the job. 46% of searches have a local intent. This means that instead of looking for a General Contractor, you are looking for a General Contractor in Toronto. There are many ways to increase your SEO, here are some interesting ways:

  • Google My Business configuration
  • Directory and quotation quotes
  • Localization of websites
  • Management of reviews and ratings
  • Quality backlinks

Don’t worry if you don’t know what some of these mean, we will be happy to explain them.


Construction in its purest form is an art. You are building something extraordinary. It is one thing to explain the development of a beautiful modern house, and it is another thing to show it. With modern video technology platforms such as Vimeo, Vidyard and Youtube, you are able to show your work to your customers, in real time. Not only are you able to show it, you can choose from various interesting methods like VR, 360 ° video and point of view.

The construction videos on your website will set you apart from competitors in your market. These videos can be anything from “how-to” videos, to video references from customers, industry partners, and anyone who wants to highlight your business.

Social Media

9.5 million people are on social media in Ontario. There are many potential customers. It would take a lot of resources to capture the whole market, but there are various ways you can leverage your budget efficiently which produces the highest ROI.

The best way for companies in the construction industry to take advantage of social media is through partnerships with various groups and micro-influencers.

  • Groups: specific associations and organizations for construction (eg BILD, Tarion etc.). They are large groups to turn to. Sharing your content with their followers is a great way to expose your service to a wider following. This also allows associations to follow and repost your content with their followers.
  • Social influencers: micro-influencers are individuals with 10K-150K followers. These types of influencers are the best people to interact with on social media because their followers are very loyal and trust the content posted on their page. If they trust the influencer and the influencer recommends your service, you are golden.

Having a strong social presence allows you to interact with the customer and subsequently creates brand loyalty. Having the construction completed is at the top of a corporate or consumer budget, so to make sure they choose you, they have to trust you. Social media is a great platform to trust your customers and provide them with relevant content they can refer to. Don’t get us wrong, your brand, your quality of service and a solid customer base are incredibly important for the success of your business, but in the modern era, you simply cannot afford to forget digital marketing.

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