People of all ages love to eat cake. But people will rarely worry about your cake if the box it is placed in is not functional. Bakeries today are very concerned about packing their cakes. They are investing a good amount for the presentation of their baked goods. You can get personalized Wholesale Cake Boxes in an easy and simple way. If your packaging is wonderfully personalized, this will certainly attract the customer’s attention.

Wholesale custom cake boxes – Don’t wait any longer

Everyone has a strong love relationship when it comes to cakes. No celebration is ever complete without cutting a cake. If you want to treat yourself on an average day, most people do it by getting the desired flavor of the cake. In addition, cakes are an essential part of almost all celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding showers, parties, etc. Custom cake boxes should be as attractive as the cakes inside. we offer personalized cake boxes or personalized cake boxes which is of the highest quality and yet attracts the eyes of customers. What makes us better than our competitors is the use of premium quality paper. The paper we use is robust and will protect the perishable object inside. But since we believe in empowering you, we also offer customization of the card used. You can choose between ecological kraft from 10pt to 28pt (from 60lb to 400lb), corrugated e-flute cardboard, cardboard or cardboard. Our personal favorite would be ecological Kraft paper.

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Cake box designs: make them elegant

You can customize the size of the personalized cake boxes. Ideally, you should have differently shaped cake boxes for several pounds of cake. How you can get custom printed folding boxes for your cakes. In addition, a small box for a 1 pound cake, a slightly larger cake for a two pound cake and so on. The best part of customization is that you do anything with the packaging. You can keep things clean and sophisticated with basic details like; logo, company name, flavor of the cake and expiration date. Or you can really stand out with a fun fusion of colors. The choice will be based on what your brand represents. If you are confused about the design to get, our team will provide you with our experience when it comes to custom cake boxes and help you choose a design. And the best part is that we will do it for free. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is just place the order, tell us your budget and leave the rest to us.

We Make the Best Small packaging boxes

We highly recommend getting a custom window cut out on your personalized cake boxes. This means that the top side of the cake will have a transparent cover while the other sides will be opaque. This will allow your customers to see what they will have inside.

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It will also help you to reduce inconsistencies in the service. Mainly, the PVC window is used for cake boxes. We will provide you with a flat view and a 3D model of the box so that you can edit any changes. Physical sampling can also be provided on request. You can order 100-50,000 custom cake boxes and you can expect them to be delivered in 4-6 business days. If you are in a hurry, we will provide you with personalized food boxes at an earlier date.

Various add-ons to make your boxes eye-catching: you will never regret it

We offer many additional items for our customers. They can give their cake boxes a chic look with the help of other add-ons available. If you have a budget, we will suggest that you have a gold foil, a silver color on some parts of your boxes to make them more attractive.However, many colors like red, green, blue, etc. They are also available for foiling. But the two that our customers prefer most are gold and silver. In addition to this, embossing and engraving are also available to make your logo or text more evident. However, the embossing gives an elevated appearance while the debossing gives an embedded appearance to the text, logo or image. It is certain that people give more importance to boxes that are attractive. Hence, these embellishments will surely attract their attention. In addition, three coatings are also available on our website.

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