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Some wonderful fashion trends

Trends are something that every woman wants to be informed about. Let’s see what they are like on the catwalk and think about how to adapt them to our daily lives!

We suggest you see some of the biggest trends of the year to get inspired by big clothing brand and tailor them to your style and wardrobe. Of course, some of these items may already be in your wardrobe.

Neutral tones from head to toe

The collections of the fashion giants have a common color! Monochrome outfit in neutral, beige tones will dominate throughout the year.

How can you put it in real life?

This trend is definitely the “dream” of anyone who loves soft, neutral tones. Wear a monochrome dress in combination with white, e.g. gabardine in classic beige with white shirt and trousers.

Sleeves are up

The large, bulging sleeves of shirts, blouses and dresses will be very fashionable this year. They are related to the buffoon sleeves known in the past, but they are an up-to-date version and are extremely impressive.

How to incorporate them into everyday life?

You can choose a blouse or dress with slightly more distinctive sleeves like the catwalks and incorporate this feminine detail into your daily routine.

Bags with short handles

According to many fashion experts, short-handled bags will be the most up-to-date. With a compact shape and modern structured line, these bags can be the latest addition to your collection. They look extremely good, combined with a formal toilet for everyday occasions.

How do you incorporate them into your style?

Forget about bags with diagonal handles or sticks and stop with a bag that will be with you anytime of the day!

Boho style prints

This style of clothing is distinguished by fringe, ethereal fabrics, knit accessories, vibrant tones and floral patterns that can be worn in the office, at leisure and on weekends. Free-flowing dresses in warm colors combine with accessories such as canvas bags, big necklaces and knit hats to give a totally relaxed look.

How to incorporate them into everyday life?

Wear floral long dresses or frock shirts with a white shirt and sandals.

Animal prints

Recently, there has been a revival of women’s clothing with animal print and it seems that this trend will remain in vogue! In addition to the classic leopards, many inspirational motifs with an emphasis on python are also expected!

How to incorporate them into everyday life?

Make sure you are not wearing a leopard or snake print from top to bottom … Only include one animal pattern item in your outfit, for example. Shirt and combine it with a neutral or black color.

You can wear animal leather shoes or boots with black clothes for an incredibly stylish look. You can also choose a leopard garment item and wear it with black or other neutral colored boots.

Earrings with large rings

Big earrings are one of the main jewels for this year. Although never considered old-fashioned, their style varies from season to season. This year we will see many large rings, but also with unusual thickness and materials.

How to use them in everyday life?

Wear pendant earrings with different models. Well, they can accompany you according to their material and style in different appearances, combining them with different outfits – from jeans to evening dresses!

Leave aside the burdens to choose outfit and do not hesitate, visit their stores online and leave all looks reserved for upcoming events!


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