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Medical practice: Essential Medical Instruments

Setting up a doctor’s office is an important step in the career of a general practitioner. It is a workspace where you will spend many hours each day, hence the need to organize this place in a thoughtful way in order to optimize your time and ensure the comfort of your patients. A medical practice must be sufficiently equipped to accommodate and treat patients in the best possible conditions.

The equipment of a doctor’s office is an important point. Beyond the computer, the layout of the waiting room, the letterhead and the pad, the practice must be equipped with all the instruments necessary for the exercise of a medical activity. In addition, the doctor will have to devote a certain budget to medical instruments, small surgical equipment and consumables necessary for the exercise of his activity.

The office equipment is divided into 4 categories:

Single-use consumables

Diagnostic equipment

Disinfection of instruments and medical practice


Single-use consumables:

Medical gloves:

Medical gloves are single-use devices intended to protect you during medical procedures, and for good protection and good medical hygiene, they reduce the risk of contamination by blood or other fluids, but also the transmission of germs from staff to patient and from patient to patient.

Latex, nitrile, or vinyl: sterile or non-sterile and of different sizes, gloves and finger cots for medical examinations are a medical necessity.

Wearing gloves / finger stalls does not exempt you from disinfecting your hands before and after each use.

Hand towels

Wet hands, even recently washed, are an ideal vector for transferring germs and viruses. It is for this reason that hand washing should always be followed by thorough drying. Wiping your hands is therefore part of the hand hygiene ritual to follow to limit the spread of disease and ensure a lasting perfect level of hygiene in your establishment.

As part of the guarantee of the hygiene of your hands, it is advisable to use disposable hand towel products, preferably ecological and which allow fast and effective drying of the hands while limiting as much as possible the spread of bacteria and germs and thus preserve your health and that of those around you.

The Dressings:

A wound, a cut or a sore means an interruption of the skin coating, in the event of a small wound, leaving the wound in the open air so that it heals naturally; however, this is not the best idea to heal faster. Here’s what to do to prevent infection or the formation of a lasting scar.

The first step is to clean the wound well to remove residue and dirt with the use of soap and water. Then apply the antiseptic to dry skin. Then, a bandage should also be put on to protect and cover the wound from dust and germs, so that it can heal faster without leaving a scar.


Burnham Bandage Plaster Scissors are one of the basic items to have in a doctor’s office. its role is to cut bands or dressings or to cut clothes in an extreme emergency.

These are various medical instruments used in nursing and even in operating theaters. Their manufacture must be precise and of high quality because their use directly affects the health of the patient.


The speculum is a diagnostic medical instrument used during a medical examination to observe one of the patient’s body cavities such as the uterus, rectum, nostrils and ear canals. The auscultation device comes in different forms that correspond to different uses. Thus, the speculum helps to separate the walls of the cavity or the duct being examined.

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