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New kurta Style Fashion Trend Summer 2019

That summer is synonymous with flowers everywhere is an authentic reality. With it, the flowers arrive not only to the streets, but every year flood the shop windows and magazines.Having at least one garment of this pattern in our closet, becomes an obligation if we want to go to the last one. However, finding the perfect flower for each one is often not an easy task.

How to bring flowers without looking classic or too boho?

If this is the doubt that every spring assails your mind … Do not lose detail! Then we solve the problem, and today we come loaded with proposals: a floral print for each style!

Are you accompanying us on the tour?

Classic :

With the rise of temperatures on the street, the dark office looks lose their meaning, so if you’re looking to give them a 360 degree turn here you have the perfect choice!

Opt for a floral print blazer in navy. This type of new Kurta style will bring to your day to day the touch of luminosity and joy you need at this time of year, without losing a bit of formality. If you add one of your favorite jeans and complement it by contrasting it with a classic white shirt, you will be the queen of spring in the office!


If we were to ask you about a boho look, surely 90% of you would include a garment with flowers in the outfit. Flowers are undoubtedly key in this style, and that is why in this case, we have it especially easy!

A black organza in bright colors is a guaranteed success! Dare to play with the superpositions and versatility, adding a slip to the dress that will become a summer outfit style at the moment! Do not forget your fringe bag as a final touch to the look.

Informal, super trendy and with the perfect point that you are looking for if you are a fan of this type of outfits.

To enjoy!


If you like relaxed and comfortable style, we also have the perfect flower for you! Keep reading!

A floral print shirt combined with a casual skirt that inspires freshness, are the key look for the weekend. A denim jacket and your favorite white sneakers will add the effortlessly chic touch you need to look simply ideal!


Ready to wear new Kurta style this summer? What is your chosen style? Tell us!



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