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Fitness and Birth Control After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, reducing the weight that is gained is a time-consuming process. Even though a birth is a pleasant experience, it is traumatic for both the mother and the baby. Therefore, rapid weight loss after pregnancy can cause adverse effects. Subsidence may also occur as a result of vigorous exercises after pregnancy. However, after pregnancy you should consult your Best obstetrician in Lahore for the correct advice about fitness and contraception after delivery. Sagging is a condition that occurs as a result of weak pelvic floor muscles.

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Mild and Simple Exercises Recommended

Hence, powerful and sustained exercises should not be taken immediately after delivery. Only light exercises are recommended. A doctor’s advice for diet and fitness programs must be implemented. Your doctor will also tell you that after 2 or 3 months of delivery, when menstruation returns to normal, exercise and dieting should be done. Exercises such as sit-ups, “cycling” or “scissors” should absolutely be avoided immediately after pregnancy.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

Breastfeeding is a form of contraception, provided that certain criteria are met. As a balanced diet is necessary for the quality and quantity of breast milk without exhausting the needs of the mother. Three or more servings of milk products and vitamin A should be taken daily. In contrast to the popular myth, physical exercise does not interfere with breastfeeding.

Healthy Eating and Aftercare Recovery

The body needs at least six months to recover after pregnancy. Healthy nutrition is needed for the first three months after pregnancy instead of dieting. Taking folic acid, calcium and iron is essential after the birth. Even after delivery, caffeine is not harmful if it is taken in limited quantities. Exhaustion caused by childbirth and night feeds, however, require more focus than worrying about weight loss.

Frequently asked questions about birth control and sexual intercourse after pregnancy

Here are some facts that will help you determine the correct birth control method for yourself after pregnancy

Question: When Does Menstruation Resume After Delivery?

A: The first menstrual period usually takes place after two months of delivery, but it also depends on breastfeeding. Some women only resume the menstrual cycle after the baby has stopped breastfeeding. By breastfeeding, the brain suppresses the ovulation hormone as a result of sucking. If breastfeeding is requested as a method of contraception, feeding 24 hours a day is necessary because the intensity and frequency of sucking determines hormone suppression.

Question: What Is The Best Waiting Time For Sexual Intercourse And Birth Control After Birth And What Types Of Birth Control Are Recommended After Birth?

A: Although women are not immediately inclined to make love after giving birth, contraceptives are nevertheless advised. Contraceptives are essential after childbirth, in the case of immediate sexual intercourse, because ovulation cannot be predicted at that time. However, sexual intercourse within the first six weeks after delivery is not recommended. Immediately after delivery, barrier contraceptives such as the Progesterone mini pill are the only contraceptive pill that is not contraindicated for breastfeeding, and inject able contraceptives such as Depo-Provera are advised. In the case of a diaphragm, it must be replaced and IUDs should only be placed if the uterus is completely healed.

Many women assume that breastfeeding is an adequate measure of birth control and natural weight loss after pregnancy. However, after pregnancy you should consult your Best obstetrician in Lahore for the correct advice about fitness and contraception after delivery. For more information, visit the pregnancy week in week [http://www.obgydiagnostics.com/best-obstetrician-in-lahore/].

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