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How to wear the jumpsuit to a wedding?

Marriage is a big event that we look forward to. However, it’s always a puzzle to find the outfit to spend the day with! To mark the occasion, Hola Amor Jump suit specialists will help you find your nugget to make this day unforgettable.

The women’s jumpsuits UAE is more and more present in the essential fashions and we see this article more and more at weddings. Stylish for any occasion, today we want to wear the jumpsuit at weddings.

Whether you are the bride-to-be, the bridesmaid or the guest, we give you all the advice on how to wear this creative jewel. The goal is to bring a touch of originality to the usual outfits that we are used to seeing at weddings.

For the bride

That’s it, it’s the big day! But there is one step the bride-to-be cannot escape: choosing her outfit!

While some run for the traditional wedding dress, others want to think outside the box by adopting the jumpsuit.

Opting for the jumpsuit both allows you to stand out but it is also a good alternative for ladies who are not comfortable in a dress. Practical and chic, the jumpsuit is increasingly making its place in weddings.

The perfect time to wear it; It is the passage to the town hall of course.

This strong item adapts to all tastes: Models with sleeves, play suits for those who prefer short pieces for the summer, sublime halter models, V necklines, flared or straight pants, lace, ruffles or even satin. From the very chic jumpsuit to the simpler piece unearthed on the internet, future brides are spoiled for choice when it comes to cut and budget.

However, be careful to choose your combination according to your body type. For the older ones, you can afford just about anything. Fluid materials are still preferred to make your outfit a little more feminine.

For the little ones (like me), in summer it is quite possible to opt for a play suit even for your own wedding!

For the maid of honor

For the bridesmaid, it is also a great moment to choose her outfit! This is a great responsibility … First of all; you have to adapt your outfit according to your body type, the theme of the wedding and the wishes of the bride!

If you don’t want to turn the bride on your back and flop, first avoid solid white and colors that approach it.

You can choose bold colors: pastel colors, very trendy at the moment like pale pink and sky blue, will bring a glamorous side to the outfit.

Black or navy is your choice for a very chic side. Otherwise, you can opt for prints for a very fresh look.

So convinced? We are in any case seduced by the combinations for a wedding. There is no photo as they say, it is classy and contemporary.

This gives us some ideas for our next creations… When, in your opinion, Hola Amor special wedding jumpsuit? Do you like it?


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