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How to wear a shirt?

All women have shirts in their dress grade, and for good reason, they are ultra-trendy. Whether simple, elegant for going to work or for a casual touch, the shirt is one of the essential and versatile clothes. So here are all my tips on how to wear a shirt.

The little rules you need to know to wear a shirt

All shirts are very different, both in style and in form.

Care must therefore be taken to choose it well according to the occasion. A small, tight-fitting, well-fitted shirt will be elegant and suitable for going to the office or for formal events. In this one, you can tuck it into the pants especially if it’s high waist and add a thin leather belt for the feminine touch.

It will be in better taste to leave the long sleeves and the button down collar almost to the top.

For a more casual look then many online women shirts will do the trick, whether they are tailored to your size or larger. In order to make a shirt casual, just roll up the sleeves and open the collar with several buttons. You can also leave it open with a top underneath. No need to slip it into the pants, you can just pull it in in front of it to reveal the belt, a very trendy little falsely neglected.

Accessories that make the difference

As always accessories can change a style and the rule is no exception when wearing a shirt. A large statement necklace under a slightly open shirt can energize the outfit and transform it into a real fashion engraving. It is also possible to combine a scarf nicely tied around the neck for a very fashionable effect.

How to wear a white shirt?

The most fashionable way to wear a white shirt will be to pair it with small denim shorts, by rolling up the sleeves, and leaving the first buttons open on your neckline. But in a more working girl style, the white shirt will look great on beige or gray tailored pants.

How is a men’s shirt worn?

Wearing a men’s shirt for a woman is a great classic, in the spirit of a husband’s shirt, but then how to wear this shirt.

How to recognize a woman’s shirt?

If the shirt was originally a male garment, more and more women are falling for it. But is there a difference between women’s and men’s shirts? The answer is yes. Obviously there is the particular case of the boyfriend shirt which consists for a woman to wear an oversized men’s shirt. And it is true, that it is a delight to walk around all day with the smell of the man you love. But that is not the question. And this even if the white or sky blue Oversize shirt with mini denim shorts is a must-have. Note that of course, you can achieve this look even without a boyfriend or sweetheart for that all you need is a men’s or oversized shirt.

But not to mention this particular case we wear a men’s shirt or cut like, women’s shirts in different ways.     The size which will most often be smaller especially at the shoulders. The cut is different, with in particular a volume for the chest. A greater variety of necks including Peter Pan or Mao necks    Shorter sleeves. A variety of fabrics  The biggest difference between a men’s and women’s shirt is the direction of buttoning. A men’s shirt should have the buttons on the right side, while a woman’s shirt will have the buttons on the left side.


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