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How To Create A Great Digital Marketing Campaign

Set Goals and Objectives

As in any other form of media, working with a clear and specific methodology is essential, especially when planning a campaign at the digital level. The first step is to set goals and conduct research aimed at understanding the trends of competition, industry and consumers. During this search, you must identify your goals and collect information about the customer / brand, the target audience, and the relevant market.

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To pursue any campaign, you need to answer two questions:

1) What is the goal?
2) What is required? Do you want to increase sales, launch a new product, need feedback from your customers or want to generate some rewards for their loyalty?

Team Work

Develop a global reference category and identify opportunities in new digital media formats and new social trends for new consumer channels. In this first step, it is essential that you have a multi-talent team to study these opportunities from the point of view of your consumer and your two-way communication.

A Strategy

The next step is to propose a strategy and plan where you want to go with your digital marketing campaign. After analyzing the information obtained in the search process, you are in a deductive process. It should determine the path to the solution, and develop an action plan that identifies the elements of digital communication. This strategy should contain elements from Seo, Advertising, PPC, and Social Media aimed at a comprehensive online strategy.
From planning to development, it is important to define the creative concept. It is important that creativity reflects the alignment of different elements.

The Campaign

Once you define strategy and creativity, you are in the process of producing a campaign development, a process of producing various pieces that constitute a creative strategy. To achieve a good final product, it is essential that you have an integrated team capable of designing graphics, multimedia and programming to manage the relationship with the client. More importantly, unlike an offline campaign, the production process in the world of the Internet is in stages of animation and programming while providing an innovative experience for consumers.
After launching the campaign, it is important to follow the analyzes. At this point, the digital field set up will allow real-time monitoring which will allow you to correct any deviation or weakness immediately. Tracking tools like Google Analytics collect and analyze results so you can continuously optimize your campaign.


Vision is critical in any campaign. One lesson to learn is that regardless of the quality of your products / services, if you do not have a good analysis and advertising campaign, you are likely to lose a large number of buyers and / or visitors and your sales will not achieve the goals you sat. Vision can come from many sources such as advertising, natural search, social media, content marketing, email marketing and many other places. Having an idea of ​​which services to use to deliver your product is essential to the campaign.

Measuring Results

When measuring the success or failure of a digital campaign, it is important to understand what you measure. Many feel that getting a million hits is a success. It is a success, if the goal is brand and pure distribution, for example, launch a new product.
However, it is important to measure investment versus results, return on final investment. If you have a campaign to promote online direct sales, you should measure the resulting sales, not the unique traffic you get. An online campaign raises measurable goals.
What are the key factors influencing the effectiveness of an online campaign? There are several factors that affect the effectiveness of a digital campaign. Among them are:

  • The quality of the creative banner design
  • The number of times the campaign is seen
  • The context of site where the banner is located

Many studies indicate that the brand recognition of a company grows when it appears more than 10 times for the same person. This is particularly important for new brands in the market. It is also important that campaigns have the company logo on the banner that is displayed.
The last recommendation is to determine how successful your campaign is. Currently, there are many ways we can measure results, most commonly using tracking codes like Google Analytics. Regardless of the size of your campaign, it’s always good practice to measure your traffic and achieve goals like sales, traffic, conversion rate, most successful keywords, the sites you link to, and so on. We recommend using Google Analytics because it is the most popular and complete tool. In addition, Google Analytics is useful for all types of projects, from marketing campaigns, mobile apps, Webapps, game monitoring, and more.

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