Water hardness is one of the factors that negatively affects not only the life of household appliances, water pipes and sewers, but also on human health. The excess of calcium and magnesium salts leads to the formation of scale on the elements of washing and dishwashers, water heaters, kettles, and other devices, as well as to “overgrowing” the internal space of pipelines with mineral deposits. For people with kidney, gastrointestinal, and stone-prone diseases, such water is clearly harmful. This problem can and must be solved! It is necessary to buy and install a water softener at home – special water treatment equipment. How to choose the right device and how it will help you, read on.  To choose the right water softener plant , you need to know the quality of the water supplied to you. This is determined by a special chemical analysis , which can be ordered by specialists.


An important role in choosing a softener is its purpose. The water softener should provide its various quality depending on the purpose of its application:

  • Preparation of drinking water, as well as water for preparing drinks and food at home;
  • Increasing the service life of household appliances – washing and dishwashers, kettles, water heaters, etc .;
  • Water treatment at public catering enterprises, in cafes and restaurants;
  • Ensuring the quality of production of draft and bottled drinks, as well as drinking water in large volumes for sale;
  • Water treatment for baths, pools, aqua rides and spa treatments;
  • Aquariums, where special conditions for keeping fish are important;
  • As well as other areas where water quality is given particular importance.

Having on hand the analysis data of your  water, as well as having decided on the scope of its application, you can choose a softener that will provide the required level of hardness and purification.

 Specialists of our company are always happy to help you with this.

 Column or cabinet softener?

Depending on the analysis and the volume of water being treated, as well as the scope for water treatment, you can use a large filtration column or a compact cabinet softener. The first type of softeners is used in large enterprises, has increased dimensions and productivity, as well as lower cost compared to cabinet ones.  At home, for an office or a small cafe, it is optimal to use a cabinet type softener, due to its compactness, aesthetics, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as full-fledged functionality.

How to choose a softener for performance?

The purchased softener should provide the required amount of water treatment per unit time. Knowing where and why you will use this equipment, you can determine the maximum water flow. The performance of the device will depend on this parameter.

 How does a water softener work?

Structurally, the water softener plant consists of the following main components:

  1. Capacity for ion exchange resin.
  2. The tank for salt.
  3. The electronic control unit.

Passing through an ion-exchange resin, water loses its stiffness ions of calcium, magnesium and other harmful metals. They are replaced by sodium, which is safe for humans and household appliances.

How to install and how to fill up a water softener?

The installation of the softener and the filling of the reagent with the ion exchange resin, which needs periodic replacement, it is better to entrust to specialists. This is the only way to be sure of the correct assembly and operation of the apparatus on which your health depends.

Can I make a salt water softener with my own hands?

The water softeners we offer are certified equipment that has undergone numerous tests and is approved by the relevant regulatory authorities. Making salt softener with your own hands is possible, but it does not guarantee the proper quality of water, and therefore the health of its consumers.

 How does a water  industrial water softener work?

One of the brands of water softeners is industrial water softener . This is a high-quality and effective water treatment equipment that does not differ in operation principle from other softeners .

 How to set up a water softener?

The correct mode of operation of the water softener can be set according to the detailed instructions attached to each device and chemical analysis of water. Using the tips presented here, you can easily pick up the necessary water softener and enjoy excellent health and an improved quality of life!

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