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This season say yes to black as new kurta design

Yes, you have read well, we are talking about black that color formally forbidden for wedding guests, but what a surprise this season has become fashionable new kurta Design! It is a very sophisticated color but you have to know well when and what type of wedding to wear and today we want to give you the guidelines of how to do it, in case you feel like joining this trend (which we personally think is super elegant).

When can I go from black to a wedding?

Being a serious color and off (and a bit controversial), we only recommend taking it to weddings in the months of autumn-winter,  where black combined with some other color will give you an elegant and sophisticated look. However if you take it in spring or summer, more than elegant would seem inappropriate. Neither do we see the Negro as appropriate if the person who marries is very close, like a sister. Since for these occasions you must go in more cheerful tones.

Black dress or accessories?

You can choose to wear the black dress or accessories. Everything in black is not recommended as it is a more mourning look. Although we have seen guests with total black look of the most elegant!

There are several brands that this season brings dresses of this color with the most appealing designs. As you all know black is the color that makes it thinner, that’s why many of the designs adhere to the body to maximize the figure.

If you choose to wear a black dress you can combine it with strong colors such as burgundy that will give you a very autumnal look or complement it with softer natural tones such as nude, pink or mustard. The look 10? One of these black dresses with a large natural straw hat, which has a flower of one color and gloves to the tone, can be ideal!

Another option “more protocol” and that we see more among guests, is to leave the color black to the accessories! Choose a dress of a color that you like and create a strong contrast with pamela and black accessories will give a very elegant touch to your look. Almost any color is good with black: nude / pink, green, pearl gray … A color that we love for winter weddings with black accessories is navy blue! You will be the most elegant guest.

Bearing in mind the philosophy of the brand, a line of clothing inspired by the vibrant and elegant modern urban life woman, she is inspired arts, crafts and textiles of all cultures of the world. Ladies become secure and independent; it is now a standard that must be reflected in their dress, that’s what we are working.

Lawn is a very special fabric that will give you the opportunity to wear all kinds of designs. With this embroidered dress, you will get a piece of marked elegance that will occupy a preferential place in your wardrobe. And is that this dress is ideal to look in everyday life , bringing you that touch ‘chic’ you always need to look radiant. Your ‘look’ will gain a lot of presence thanks to a design as elegant as it is casual.

Next to krossulture’s store you can see how summer trends will bring a lot to match your wardrobe. Check the catalog of their low cost women’s clothing store here. 2019 will start on a very good foot thanks to some of their clothes.


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