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Pilgrims Security during Hajj

The pilgrims praise the Saudi efforts during the ritual regions of the Hajj. Millions of Muslims visit Mecca to perform Hajj rituals. Pilgrims from all parts of the stadium have expressed their gratitude and gratitude for the services provided and provided through the Saudi government, and praised each and every one.

Despite the small area of ​​the sites and the massive gatherings of pilgrims who come each year to this religious region, Saudi Arabia has succeeded in managing the large crowds. The most effective and the best thing that a pilgrim does not like is the new climate, but the splashes of water and the sprinklers established along the way are the incredible idea and help.


These water sprinklers reflect and show that how many Saudi authorities are concerned and concerned about this, all pilgrims recognize that a person can not manipulate the climate in difficult situations; however, the arrangements made by the Saudi authorities to defend the pilgrims are a sign of the incredible efforts and services to help the pilgrims carry out their Hajj rituals in a comfortable and safe manner.

Cheapest Hajj Packages Non-Shifting
Cheapest Hajj Packages Non-Shifting

Pilgrims really like to increase their appreciation and appreciation for the types of security that have made every effort to help the pilgrims carry out all the Hajj pilgrimage rituals. As the pilgrims come from many different countries, but they are proud of these Muslim security men, whose activity and effort are right here so that the pilgrims feel comfortable and safe, but they also provide them with bottles of cold and cold water. The pilgrimage to Hajj is now more difficult than ever; The Jamarat bridge, the offerings and other things. ”

The Muslims celebrated the first day of Eid Al-Adha, which marks the remaining rituals and rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage.

The great multitude of pilgrims had spent the previous night encamped in Muzdalifah, after having performed the most significant and important of the Hajj pilgrimage rituals, touring Mount Arafat.

The pilgrims had also persevered in bad and worse weather conditions, ranging from the intense and scorching heat of summer, sun, sand storms and rain. The pilgrims perform the stoning ritual (Rami-al-jamarat), where they throw stones at 3 pillars representing the devil (shaitan).

The location of the stoning ritual is in a structure of various degrees that surrounds the pillars with a path and a way to guarantee the protection and safety of the thousands and thousands of pilgrims.

After performing the rites and rituals of the Hajj, the pilgrims perform their last tawaaf of Holy Kaaba and then return to their homes. They bring gifts for their loved ones; The most blessed and best gift that the pilgrims give to their loved ones is the water of Zamzam, it is necessary that the pilgrims remain pious and righteous after returning to their daily routine.

Hajj is a mandatory pillar of Islam and must be performed for all able Muslims at least once in their life. To carry out the Hajj, we are here to offer you a 5-star Cheapest Hajj Packages Non-Shifting, which makes your sacred journey comfortable.

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