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10 Photos for the Colorful Autumn in Gilgit Baltistan

Colorful Autumn in Gilgit Baltistan Albert Camus once said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,” and we will confirm its quotation by showing you the beauty of northern Pakistan under the title Colorful Autumn in Gilgit Baltistan with Hitch A Hike. 1: Autumn In Phandar …

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Top 7 Destinations in Winter!

Wondering where to go this winter? Why not relax in the beautiful scenery of Pakistan? Let the hospitality of our locals, the delicious milky chai and the hot Nan keep you warm in the snow. Get Domestic Tour Packages from Hitch A Hike because Adventures are waiting for you! Hunza …

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Beauty of Saidpur Village; Must visit place in Islamabad

Margalla Hills

Overview The beauty of Saidpur Village hides behind its history and its interior. Located on the slopes of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, it is one of Pakistan’s most established cities. Over 500 years old, Saidpur Village is known for its heritage, history and ancient stories. Today, the city is …

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Hajj Packages

CHEAPEST HAJJ PACKAGES NON-SHIFTING Pilgrims Security during Hajj The pilgrims praise the Saudi efforts during the ritual regions of the Hajj. Millions of Muslims visit Mecca to perform Hajj rituals. Pilgrims from all parts of the stadium have expressed their gratitude and gratitude for the services provided and provided through …

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The Australian Visa For Beginners


To enter Australia you need an Australian visa. There is no free visa access for anyone. However, for most of the more than 8 million people who enter Australia each year it is easy to obtain a visa. For others it is a long and tedious road. The fact that …

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Australian Visa from Pakistan – 2019 visa requirements, process and documentation

Requirements for Australian Visa for Passport Holders and Pakistani Citizens: Australia is a popular destination for Pakistani visitors, because of its beautiful and colorful culture, which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are large numbers of Pakistanis living in Australia, and relatives in Pakistan want to visit them …

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Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca

Millions of Muslims travel to Mecca every year. Here are some basic things you should know about this amazing Hajj. See the Packages What is Hajj? Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca (in modern-day Saudi Arabia),which every Muslim must make at least once in his life, if he is able …

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Incredible Journey of Umrah

I think it is time to share with you my incredible journey for Umrah. I know that many people are waiting for this opportunity.Apparently, most people get sick when they do Umrah or Hajj. The whole experience was a little different than I expected. The amount of walking you need …

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