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What you need to know about the building permit for air conditioning

If you want to know the  Best Split and Inverter Prices AC Prices in Pakistan  and going to install an in a listed building or apartment, you probably need a building permit.

At Cool You we are experts when it comes to all things about air conditioning, and in this article we will share everything you need to know about the building permit for air conditioning and installing your next system.

Air conditioning is extremely popular worldwide.

The various benefits of being able to control the climate in homes, offices and shops ensure that more and more people have air conditioning solutions installed every day.

What many people don’t realize is that you probably need a building permit for air conditioning before the device is installed.

Conventional solutions for air conditioning – these are systems that usually have a condenser on the outside or penetrations to the outside – require planning permission before being installed in a home.

Whether you live in a new building or a listed building, conventional air conditioning requires permission from your landlord or even the municipality.

Request planning permission for air conditioning

The process for the building permit is slightly more lengthy than you would expect.

Applying for a building permit is usually associated with large-scale projects.

Most people know that they must apply for permission when they build something new or make major changes to a building, such as adding an extension or changing the use of a building.

However, homeowners may be more surprised to find that installing an air conditioning solution requires the same permission.

This means that if you perform an air conditioning installation without a building permit, you will receive a “enforcement notice” and you must remove the air conditioning unit.

So if you plan to have an air conditioner installed, you must apply for a building permit. This is how you approach it.

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Requesting permission

The first step is to contact the local government and request permission. It is important that you clearly describe all the work that you are going to perform. This takes time.

Most planning permission requests take up to eight weeks to process, but some can even take up to 13 weeks.

If you are looking for an AC unit to keep you cool during the warmer months, keep this in mind and request permission early!

The next step – and this of course depends on the authorities that accept the request – is to (and only then) start talking about building management to your proposal.

If you own your property, you do not have to worry about this step, but it is always a good idea to have your building manager implement your plans if you own an apartment in an apartment building.

We have found from experience that just because the local government accepts the proposal does not necessarily mean that the building manager knows this for sure.

This is the biggest problem. If you live in an apartment for much of the time and are in a central location, your request is likely to be denied.

You are not the owner of the external demise of your property and therefore you cannot bring out penetration yourself.

The reason for this is because of the noise and appearance. The sound of a conventional system is quite loud and can be a nuisance to neighbors.

Many buildings also have limitations on the outside of the building, so that they can retain the appearance of the building.

Avoid planning permission with Cool You

Fortunately at Cool You, we offer a fantastic way to completely avoid all these obstacles. Our solutions are completely internal, which means that there are no outside penetrations.

That is why our service has no effect whatsoever on your neighbors or external property.

Most importantly, with everything in your ownership, our internal solution means that you do not need a building permit for the installation.

You can bypass the risk and hassle of dealing with local authorities and building managers.

What about noise and noise? The unique design of our air conditioning units means that they are always discreet.

They are sleek white, have no surf and all LED lights can be switched off for a peaceful night’s sleep. Better yet, the whisper-quiet technology ensures that noise is not a problem.

Cool You is the go-to for apartment owners who have been told that they cannot install traditional air conditioning in their home.

We have installed hundreds of our fully internal solutions in  apartments, including monumental buildings in Pakistan.

Discover you Cool

Hopefully we have covered everything you need to know about building permits and air conditioning solutions.

Our Cool You solution now means that all properties can benefit from air conditioning without the need for an outdoor unit. Building permit will never be a problem again.

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