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Development of High-Quality and Selling Website Design

In the realities of modern Internet business, website design is no longer an exclusively aesthetic element, it performs advertising functions, and most importantly, it can become a competitive advantage. There are many examples where stylish and practical design became the hallmark of a successful online project.

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At the same time, there is a big risk that the design of a web resource will negate all its advantages due to an inconvenient interface or congestion. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully monitor the current trends in the field of web design, follow the basic principles of ergonomics and try to find an individual solution for each specific project.

Current Web Design Trends

One of the features of creating modern web resources is the active use of textual information. If you look at any example, the site design consists of 70-80% text blocks. Therefore, when developing a modern project on the network, the contractor must have some experience in typography – the ability to form text and create an attractive style of information blocks. In particular, the ability to pick up a particular font plays a large role.

Website Design Development

Most often, the choice is limited to the theme of the site and the corporate identity of the brand. But even if there are no such frameworks, today specialists from leading design studios do not recommend using more than 2-3 fonts when designing a page and the entire site, depending on the nature of the project.

You need to choose the basic option – neutral, which will provide easy assimilation of large amounts of text data, as well as a more colorful font for use in headings and motivating blocks to action. One of the fashion trends is the use of large fonts, so you should not be afraid of hyperbolization, to a reasonable extent.

In some other aspects, web design, on the contrary, seeks restraint and minimalism. For example, today it is customary to limit the set of colors and shades used in one project. The palette is chosen modest, but spectacular enough to avoid visual overload, but to create the prerequisites for brand positioning due to corporate colors.

From an aesthetic point of view, there are several more points that a designer should avoid if he wants to create a modern project in accordance with current trends. Do not blur the fonts and edges of graphic objects. Today, almost all sites in their visual design strive for simplicity and conciseness. Therefore, a reasonable step would be to soberly assess which decorative elements can be removed without losing information. This will make the design easier to read and elegant. The list of such objects can include: shadows, borders and frames, additional images in the footer or header.

Design and Usability

A site can be a work of art and receive prestigious awards in the field of web design, but if the functionality of the resource does not correspond to the audience’s ideas about practicality, then there can be no talk of a successful online business. And there will be no financial benefit from investing in the development of a spectacular, but not selling design. At the dawn of the development of domestic Internet marketing, one could often find sites whose design received a lot of enthusiastic responses, but they did not have commercial success.

The audience of the site will not grow only because the site looks impressive. And more importantly, all the efforts to advance in search engines will be futile. The ease with which Internet users can find a site ceases to matter if it is not possible to just find the necessary information on the site itself.

The design should be so clear that even those visitors who accidentally hit the web resource could immediately get acquainted with the marketing offer, evaluate the profitability of the action and clearly understand what exactly is needed to implement the conversion.

Signs of a Selling Design

The simpler the structure, the easier the navigation. This is especially true for the main page, which is not worth posting all the information. It is worth using sections and directories to distinguish between functionality and content on thematic modules. Moreover, the design of a specific page should focus the user’s attention on the most significant blocks in the content. Avoid concentrating too many call-to-action calls on one page. The visual design should stimulate the user to search for something for himself, and not put pressure on him.

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