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Incredible Journey of Umrah

I think it is time to share with you my incredible journey for Umrah. I know that many people are waiting for this opportunity.Apparently, most people get sick when they do Umrah or Hajj. The whole experience was a little different than I expected. The amount of walking you need to do is approximately 3 to 6 miles or more, depending on the amount of tawaaf you want to do. Thousands of people who are in a small space together with climate change and the dry atmosphere have the perfect conditions that made me sick.

I love all. As my first Umrah, it was my preparation for the many more that will come where I will be more prepared, now that I know what to expect. I hope I can give you tips that will also go for the first time.

My journey in Umrah began with a train trip to Manchester,when British Airways generously cut the night flight from Leeds to London.Fortunately the trip was fine and considering that it cost me £ 13 per standard and it was a good price.

I booked my flight with the cheapest hajj and umrah packages from Manchester to Istanbul with a night flight in London. A beautiful lady at the airport checked our luggage. All the way to Istanbul, which was amazing and we relaxed. The flight costs an economic fee for economy.

Airport Things

There is not much to do at the airport unless you buy, which is not my most loved exercise in the world. I suppose my husband would have been lucky if he was not obsessed with traveling and spending the equivalent savedon travel purchases.

There is a vast area to sit and relax before flying. I like that they have separated the space with some informal chairs near the entrance and then some comfortable and comfortable sofas at the other end, near the bar area. In general, the room is a good area to relax and enjoy before your flight. I like to spend time in the lounge, as there is always something to drink and free wifi. I am a happy girl

After landing at Heathrow from Manchester, we headed to the Holiday Inn London Heathrow using the free bus that is right outside the terminal. There are free public buses that take you from the terminals of Heathrow to Bath road, the main exit with all the hotels. It takes approximately 20 minutes. This time I booked a standard room in my husband’s name and we only spent less than 7 hours at the hotel.

The plane was new, with new leather seats and a friendly crew. The British Airways flight from London to Istanbul takes 3.30 hours and it was a pleasant trip. Most travelers went to sleep immediately after take off and did not seem to wake up for most of the trip. I think the executive class had only 6 people and about 22 in economics. I liked that the flight was new and that the moment was perfect. I think that this 6 o’clock flight from London is excellent, especially for a weekend in Istanbul.

The Saudi Airlines plane was 90% full with people traveling to perform Umrah. It was nice to see so many people in Ihram, the white cloth that you should use to perform Umrah, and it is more a state of mind. Most of them travel and listen to the prayer of the trip or the Qur’an. I thought that the flight to Jeddah would be a small plane, however, they had an A330 for the trip and since they have 3 flights per day.

The flight was not new. One of my favorite things with the oldest flights and mostly from the Middle East is the fact that they have a rest for their feet. Not many airlines have this feature today, but I think it’s amazing to have it in the economy.

Once we arrived at the Jeddah airport, we had to use the bus to get to the terminal.

I was very lucky to have an incredible guide who provided me with a driver for my Umrah. So I was driven to Makkah and Madinah by car, which was great, since it made everything a lot easier. May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

However, I know that many people will not have this benefit and will have to resort to other means. In my package, I also decided to add an option here for you. You must choose Ace point Travel Agent as your travel companion and the problem will almost be solved. Always make sure you have copies of correspondence and contact information with you.

Umrah is not obligatory for Muslims, unlike Hajj, how ever many choose to perform Umrah and visit the holy city of Makkah. The city is literally built around the mosque of Kaabah and Al Haram.

To be honest, I am totally impressed and excited about how people live there 1400 years ago. The whole area is rocks, which makes everything around it so difficult to build. It is so densely populated and restrictive. There are many international hotels in the area and some are very expensive for average people. This is one of the reasons why Ace point Travels made the best and cheapest Umrah packages, so help them save on unnecessary costs.

Makkah is currently a construction site, as you will see that there are cranes everywhere.

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