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Why braces and treatment are better than surgery

Plastic surgery is the choice of those who want to correct facial imperfections, both serious and minor. We always strive for excellence, and modern medicine makes it possible to make almost any part of the body perfect. But surgery is always scars (even if they are well hidden), long-term rehabilitation. Is it possible to change for the better your appearance by contacting not the surgeon, but the orthodontist?

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Harmonious face

The secret of beauty – in harmony of facial features

What makes a face beautiful?

There is no single standard, and completely different faces can be beautiful. But in all cases, beauty is, as a rule, harmony and proportionality of facial features, lack of asymmetry, as well as some overly expressed signs. For example, in plastic surgery there is the expression pinched nose – literally “a pinched nose” or “a nose from which a clothespin was removed”, that is, it has become too thin after the operation. Now such drastic measures are no longer in trend. The best results of a plastic surgeon are obtained when the initial data does not change much, just a couple of millimeters. Then the result looks natural and no one even thinks that a person has had surgery in the past.

And the most interesting thing is that you can change your lips, chin, cheek line, profile without an operation at all – just having passed the course of treatment at the orthodontist. Sometimes his result even surpasses the work of the surgeon.

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Small chin, double chin

A chamfered or retracted chin, sagging soft tissues even at a young age and in the absence of excess weight are often the result of a distal bite. Plus, the teeth themselves, especially the upper front teeth, may be uneven. Due to the lower jaw being pushed back, the upper teeth tend to close with the lower ones and lean back.

Surgeon’s solution: chin plastic, most likely with implant placement.

The decision at the orthodontist

Distal bite

Distal bite treatment is a prime example of how braces change their appearance for the better.

This is the case when braces are the most winning tactics. Any installed implant is a lifetime risk of damage, rejection. Implants in plastic surgery have a limited service life, and after 15-20 years they have to be changed. And, of course, after cosmetic surgery, the problem with the teeth will not disappear. Braces during the treatment process change the location of the jaw, thereby creating a natural support for facial tissues. There is another bonus. Patients often note that after treatment, their lips become more puffy: the upper teeth, after alignment, seem to lift them.

Nasolabial folds

Distal, open bite and other disorders can cause the appearance of nasolabial folds even at a young age. If the teeth close asymmetrically, the crease can only be on one side.

Surgeon’s solution: injections of fillers or hyaluronic acid.

The decision at the orthodontist

After correction of the bite, even in adults, pronounced nasolabial folds go away, the asymmetry of the lower part of the face disappears. And this result will continue for many years, unlike any cosmetic injections.

Bite Correction

The correct bite is enough jaw width so that the soft tissues of the face have support

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  • Early ptosis of soft tissues of the face
  • Ptosis, or sagging tissue, occurs at a young age when the width of the jaw bones is insufficient (the upper jaw is narrowed). In part, such age-related changes depend on the type of person’s appearance and even ethnicity.

The decision of the surgeon: a circular facelift.

The decision at the orthodontist

To some extent, age-related changes can be delayed by undergoing treatment with braces (if required). If the upper jaw is narrowed, then, as a rule, in addition to the early formation of wrinkles, visible “cheek corridors” also appear. Installing braces also solves this problem.

The result of plastic surgery may look unnatural. Treatment at the orthodontist always makes the face more harmonious and correct, without leaving any signs of interference.

In addition to braces, you can additionally improve the look of a smile by installing veneers . In aesthetic dentistry, even 1-2 millimeters are crucial. This is the thickness of the veneers. They give the teeth a slight bulge, thereby raising their lips (visually they become more puffy), and make the smile wide, open.


A beautiful smile is wide enough so that no dark space is visible in the corners of the mouth. In some cases, the help of an orthodontist can change the proportions of the entire face, and not just the chin and mouth: for example, often after correcting the distal bite, the nose visually looks smaller, as the upper, middle and lower parts of the face are balanced, the profile becomes more correct. Usually, only a photo of a smile is published in the results of the work of an orthodontist (while maintaining patient confidentiality). But in fact, after treatment, as a rule, the face as a whole changes. Contact an experienced orthodontist, he will definitely advise you and advise what treatment is worth undergoing and how it will affect your appearance. Our experts have helped thousands of patients become more beautiful. Call us to make an appointment, and take the first step to a happy change.

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