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The insulation of your roof: an operation carried out both internally and externally

Depending on the state of the house, the configuration of the roof of the client and what the latter wants as energy coefficient, our craftsmen-roofers choose the preferable procedure for the insulation of the roof: either an intervention by the interior , an insulation from the outside.
Insulation of cover from the inside

Insulation of roofs from the inside is achieved by removing the lining of the roof panels to insert insulating materials between the rafters.
Roof insulation from the outside or roofing sarking

This operation is to remove the roofing material (tiles or other) so as to come to put an insulation between the rafters of the roof to finally replace the tiles over the insulating device. The fundamental advantages of this modus operandi are the eradication of thermal bridges and the airtightness of the roof.If you are looking for the Precast Roof in Pakistan or you want to start a dream project of your home then Ittefaq Group is right here to turn your dreams into real
Insulating materials used in our roof insulation services

Insulation Our roofing craftsmen mainly use four different materials for insulating your roofs:

Glass wool: this natural and mineral insulating material used for thermal insulation and sound insulation is rot-proof and non-hydrophilic. To prevent any risk of condensation in the walls, glass wool insulation boards may be equipped with a built-in vapor barrier.
Styrodur®: This is an extruded polystyrene panel used as a thermal insulation material. Among its plethora of benefits are low water permeability, rot-proofness, high compressive strength and low susceptibility to aging. This insulation is suitable for the insulation of roofs as well as walls and partitions.
Aluthermo: This thin multilayer reflective insulation is inexpensive, flexible and extremely easy to install.
Eurothane: an insulating material in the form of a panel consisting of a rigid polyurethane foam core covered on both sides by a tarpaulin glass veil. Its energy coefficient is high and its lambda value is extremely low thanks to the closed cells that make up the internal foam. It does not absorb moisture and is dimensionally stable.For more: www.ittefaqgroup.pk/

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