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What is the Best Kitchen Knife set?

Kitchen knife sets come in many different types, but choosing the best can be challenging, especially if you are on a budget. Typically the best kitchen knives are available in two basic types; kitchen knife blocks and kitchen knife packages that only contain a collection of knives.

Most American made kitchen knives sets come with the basic knives needed to prepare daily meals at home and you will usually find a chef’s knife, a kind of serrated knife, a knife and a few others that vary from set to set and as you If you are lucky, you might even get a sharpening rod or kitchen scissors.

Wait there; before you first jump in the head and run outside to buy the first knife set, lay your hands on, read on while we are trying out the best knife sets to see which one is the best for the money.

What to look for when buying a kitchen knife set?

When you choose a good knife set, you need to look for the same things that you would look for if you were to buy a single kitchen knife. Just because they come in a knife block does not mean that they are superior blades.

You want to look for a knife set that comes with the basic knives and many of the best sets contain at least one of these:

  • Chef’s Knife: your daily go-to kitchen knife; the chef’s knife is used for dicing, chopping, cutting and chopping.
  • Utility Knife: universal knife that can be used to tackle many kitchen preparation tasks and to open food packages.
  • Knurled bread knife: is usually used for slicing crusty bread, but also has many other uses in the kitchen.
  • Filleting knife: used for preparing fish; not used as often in the kitchen at home as before, because most of the fish we buy is already filleted. But it has its other uses and can be used during fruit preparation.
  • Paring Knife: used for peeling, trimming and complicated cutting; There are many different types of razor blades.
  • A chopping knife: the best chopping knives are used for preparing large pieces of meat, but smaller versions can be used for chopping herbs or vegetables.
  • Carving Knife: this kitchen knife is sued for cutting pieces of meat from roasted meat and boiled poultry – such as chicken or turkey.
  • Set of steak knives: not all knife sets have these, but they can be useful for slicing tomatoes and of course slicing steak.
  • Sharpening steel: this is used to keep your kitchen knife sharp and aligned, sometimes referred to as a sharpening rod or sharpening steel.
  • Kitchen scissors: often large unnecessary items that can be used in the kitchen for cutting herbs, opening food packages and cutting meat fat.

I have discussed here how you can buy a Chef knife that includes everything you really need to know when buying and selecting a new kitchen knife, so I will not discuss it again in detail here.

Is kitchen knife a waste of money?

It all depends on how often you cook at home and what you cook on a regular basis. Many people who buy a kitchen knife set notice that many of the knives are only just collecting dust and that they use only one hand that is used most frequently.

If you are going to invest in a good set of kitchen knives, do not buy a cheap set, you literally throw away your money. A good knife set will last for many years, while a cheap brand will last for a few months if you’re lucky.

If you have a small budget, I advise you not to buy a complete knife set, but just choose 2 or 3 of the best kitchen knives and use them.

Kitchen Knife Sets Our Top Picks 

When it comes to choosing the best knife set, we have selected 3 that we think are the best for the money.

Damascus is known for producing some of the best kitchen appliances and appliances, and their kitchen knife sets are some of the best.

This Damasus knife set consists of 14 of the most used kitchen knives; the block contains an 8-inch slicer, 8-inch chef, 5-1 / 2-inch knife, 7-inch Santoku and 3-1 / 2-inch blades. In addition to the kitchen knives, the Damascus knife set contains 6 steak knives, a heavy kitchen scissors and sharpening steel.

All knives in this set are made of forged, high-carbon stainless steel and are in a black hardwood knife block.

The only problem I found with this knife set was that small rust stains appeared after a few months, but to be honest this could happen with some of the best knife sets at twice the cost. Make sure you wash them by hand and do not leave them in the sink.

really cannot find any errors with these knives they are covered by a lifetime warranty (YES lifetime) and they can be taken through the dishwasher without problems, so these knives require very little maintenance when it comes to cleaning at the end of the day.

If you want a great set of Damascus knives that want to cost the earth, look no further, this is the best kitchen knife that you can buy money.

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