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Damascus Steel Folding Knife – Christmas Offer 20% Off

Handmade Damascus steel Folding Knife

Damascus steel Folding Knife is our unique item. It’s likewise called Handmade Pocket Knife. Notwithstanding, chasing blades are additionally a decent selling item however Damascus collapsing Knives become acclaimed in extremely short residency all through the world. Now get 20% off on entire stock on this Christmas

Handmade Steel handcrafted Folding Knife is made as Pakistan craftsmanship item in we are acquainting in Steel Folding Knife with Damascus steel  Folding blade its unique that isolates it from different blades like Damascus chasing blades,  Custom Knives, carefully assembled blades, and numerous different Damascus item. A Folding Knife’s exceptional structure is likewise medium and simple to utilize, additionally keep in the pocket as a folding knife securely.
Pocket Knife Olive Wood

So which might not have different Damascus items like a protected collapsing blade than different items. So Handmade Pocket Knife our need that we keep up our quality consistently and give the thing to our clients which makes our clients pleased. The individuals live in North America particularly in the USA likes Damascus steel Pocket Knife and value our new plan of Handmade Knives. I need to clear that collapsing blade is absolutely carefully assembled blades made with high caliber and world best material that is Pakistani handmade Damascus steel.

On the off chance that we talk in the chasing field about Pocket blade the tracker like to utilize Damascus steel high quality Folding Knife for chasing particularly in most regularly utilized in the chasing field and it very well may be kept in pocket securely. As its name folding blade, its other name is a folding knife and it’s additionally accessible in Damascus Pocket Knife show that it is uncommonly compensated for managing the cuts some basic thing during chasing or another field like climbing, and so forth.
Folding Pocket Knife

You can purchase handmade steel folding knife from our online store Scorpion Mart. These are extremely delightful blades for chasing and furthermore the glad item in Damascus steel blade in the splendidly Pakistan handiwork industry. We utilize the most ideal approach to fabricate collapsing high quality things. We manage our client in an exceptionally powerful way and consistently think about that client is consistently on right.

We are selling numerous different Damascus steel carefully assembled chasing blades like Damascus knife blades, custom blades, Bowie blades, strategic blades. Which are all utilization for the most part in chasing. What’s more, consider a celebrated item in North America particularly in the United States of America. They give us an exceptionally refreshing reaction in the wake of utilizing our Damascus steel carefully assembled blades.


Our steel knife sharp edges are produced using great non-tempered steels which adversary or surpass any Damascus cutting edge produced using the 10 arrangement with 15N20. Our handmade blend has taken a long time to consummate and has been tried under an assortment of use which will offer proficient execution in classes of durability, quality (sidelong pressure) and edge sharpening and holding capacity. In a 5 spot Rockwell test our sharp edges will average close or near 58 which offers an ideal adjusts between its sturdiness and strength. Our edges because of carbon substance should be consistently treated with wax as well as 3 out of 1 oil to keep up its unrivaled quality.
Folding Pocket Knife


If you have any question feel free to send us message we aim to answer all questions within NO TIME.

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