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How to Dispose Of Kitchen Knives Safely?

There will come a time when you simply have to get rid of old knives, even the best kitchen knives won’t last forever if you’re not taking care of them properly and loved. One of the problems you’ll face getting rid of your old kitchen knives is where and how …

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Japanese Knives Specialization

Japanese Kitchen Knives have specialized applications. Let’s look at the common types: Double Angled Blades Gyuto: somewhat similar to the western chef’s knife, it has a thinner knife with a sharper edge, which makes it versatile and helps with precise cuts. You can chop vegetables, meat, fish and fruit with …

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Maintenance Tips For Damascus Steel Blade

The term “Damascus” goes back to primitive Western cultures that refer to an earlier style of craftsmanship that originated around 300 BC in Syria. Artistry was productive at the time and was named after the region that made it popular. You can read more about the historical aspect at Damascus …

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What is the Best Kitchen Knife set?

Kitchen knife sets come in many different types, but choosing the best can be challenging, especially if you are on a budget. Typically the best kitchen knives are available in two basic types; kitchen knife blocks and kitchen knife packages that only contain a collection of knives. Most American made …

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