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What is almond oil?

What is almond oil?

Almonds are the edible seeds of the Prunus dulcis tree, more commonly known as the almond tree. Although almonds are commonly called nuts, they are actually the seeds found in the center of the almond fruit, which closely resembles a peach. Almonds can be eaten whole, ground into flour and even processed into non-dairy milk. They are very high in fat, which makes them a perfect source of oil. Sweet almonds are the variety commonly consumed and used to make food, oils and cosmetics. Meanwhile, bitter almonds are believed to have medicinal properties, although they can be toxic if not treated properly. In addition, they are not widely available. Refined almond oil vs unrefined almond oil After harvest, the almonds are shelled and dried before using different methods to extract their oil.









Refined almond oil is extracted from almonds using high temperature processing and chemicals. This method negatively affects the nutritional value of the oil because many of the nutrients found in raw almond oil are destroyed during high temperature or chemical treatments (1). Although this method results in a less nutritious oil, refined almond oil can withstand much higher temperatures and is cheaper than the unrefined type, making it a more profitable option for consumers. Unrefined almond oil is made by pressing raw almonds without using chemical agents or at high temperatures. This low temperature process helps almond oil retain much of its nutrient content, making unrefined almond oil a better choice for culinary uses.

Beauty Benefits with Almond Oil

Almond oil is a popular ingredient in natural beauty products. This soft and soothing oil is beneficial for the skin and hair. This is partly due to its emollient properties, which means that it helps prevent water loss from the skin. This quality makes almond oil a great choice for keeping skin, hair and scalp soft and hydrated (Trust 25). The moisturizing effects of almond oil can be especially helpful for people with dry or sensitive skin. Almond oil is full of vitamin E, which can help protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging. Animal studies have shown that when applied to the skin, vitamin E can help protect cells from damage from the sun. It does this by reducing DNA damage and the chemical and structural changes in the skin caused by the sun’s rays (26Trusted Source, 27Trusted Source).It also makes the use of unrefined almond oil important for skin care, as unrefined oil is richer in vitamin E.In addition, this soothing oil can even help prevent the spread of stretch marks. A study of 160 women found that topical application of sweet almond oil reduced the spread of stretch marks in the abdominal region, as well as redness and itching (28). This versatile oil is a great choice for people looking for natural beauty products that contain a limited number of ingredients and can be used in many ways. It can work as a gentle makeup remover, a natural skin or hair moisturizer, or a velvety massage oil.

How to use almond oil

Almond oil is a versatile product that can be used both as a food and as a natural skin and hair care product.

In the kitchen

Almond oil is a sweet, nutty oil that makes a great addition to many dishes. Unrefined almond oil should not be used in cooking, as high temperatures can destroy its nutritional value. Rather, this type of almond oil should be treated as a finishing oil and added to food after the cooking process is complete. However, refined almond oil has a higher smoke point of 420 ° F (215 ° C) and can be used for cooking methods such as roasting and stir-frying. It is cheaper and more heat tolerant than the unrefined type, since the refining process destroys much of the nutrients in unrefined almond oil.

Here are several ways to use unrefined almond oil:

As a tasty vinaigrette: combine unrefined almond oil with apple cider vinegar and chopped herbs. To add a nutty flavor to meals: Pour almond oil on your favorite side dish to give it an extra boost .On pasta: Add a little almond oil to your pasta to add a healthy fat boost. As part of your beauty routine If you are looking to trade some of your skin and hair products for more natural and non-toxic options, almond oil is a great way to go. Almond oil is less expensive than most commercial moisturizers and contains no harmful ingredients. In addition, it is a versatile beauty product that can be used on both the skin and hair. Here are some ways to add almond oil to your skin or hair care routine. As a moisturizer: almond oil is a perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin. Apply it on very dry areas: rub the almond oil on the elbows, feet and all other areas that tend to dry. To make a homemade hair mask: Make a hydrating hair mask by mixing almond oil with avocado puree, then smoothing it over damp hair. Combine it with essential oils: use almond oil as a carrier oil to dilute essential oils when you apply them to the skin.

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