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Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT): An Innovative Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique of Hair Transplantation


Follicular unit extraction method (FUE) to restore hair, that is, immediate interference with sticks after extraction to keep holding solutions. The authors suggest that this would increase the durability of the graves and contribute to better results. To this end, they presented the patients for access to donor areas and recipients, sites were created on the recipient area before extraction, so they can carry out a transplant immediately after extraction, without any pruning.

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The relatively lower hypothesis than grafts outside the body is less than the chance that heat, dryness and lack of oxygen affect them. Studies cited by the authors have shown that the time before implantation is greater than the loss of graphing. This is especially true in the case of FUE, where the time of the grafts outside the body may occur several hours, since the extraction process is slow.

Few features of the article can be discussed:

The Name Hair Transplant Just: Not exactly what is here; just as there is nothing indirect in the normal mode. Immediate hair transplantation should be given in the method to better describe the process. The commercial name of a chain of Hair clinics was affected by franchising in different parts of the world

The authors did not clearly establish the hypothetical benefit of an immediate transplant as there is no comparison between the traditional method and the method of study. As hundreds of transplants with excellent results were made through a normal FUE method, a scalp study is a split study to determine the effectiveness of this method. In other words, there is certainly logic here, but it was undoubtedly created.

Access to the functional area that the method causes operator stress is limited by the authors’ own acceptance. This may have an impact on the extraction and implantation process, which could result in damage to the grafts.

It can be said whether the whole area can be implanted with this method due to an access boundary, deregulation and the direction of the hair. It would appear that some areas may require traditional transplantation, particularly in large areas of acquisition.

Immediate transplantation also means that there is no trimming and that this may lead to implantation difficulties as an exact amount may differ from paste to graft, particularly as pre-extraction sites are acquired by recipient positions.

Some practitioners accepted the position of sitting for FUE. Similarly, some hair transplant surgeons have practiced the “direct” method. Accordingly, some doubt must be placed on the demand for innovation.

Notwithstanding these reservations, the authors value the innovative thinking and their commitment to academic publication. More studies, particularly split scallop studies, shall establish the true value of the method.

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