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State-of-the-art Obstetric Equipment for your Midwifery Activity

As a liberal midwife and therefore a health professional, using high-performance midwifery equipment will allow you to be more efficient in your daily job and also more reliable in the eyes of your patients.

When installing the midwife in the office, certain equipment is essential to properly arrange this workspace and thus exercise in the best conditions. Among these essentials: the Doppler and the cardiograph for fetal monitoring, perineal rehabilitation devices, balloons and other accessories for childbirth preparation, not to mention delivery equipment if you practice. This state-of-the-art equipment for midwives is naturally complemented by quality medical furniture adapted to the layout of the practice.

Why invest in cutting-edge Obstetrical Surgical instrument set? The answer is quite simply to offer your patients incomparable comfort, performance and follow-up. Thanks to the evolution of technology, today you have access to ever more advanced connected midwifery equipment. If you have questions about which midwifery equipment to acquire, we suggest you see more clearly. Follow the guide!


Obstetric Tools 

Beyond fetal monitoring and pregnancy monitoring devices, other obstetric tools integrate the basic equipment of the midwife. This is particularly the case for obstetric consumables and obstetric accessories. Consumables, as their name suggests, are intended for single use during gynecological consultations and childbirth. They are very diverse and include, among others: complete home delivery and episiotomy sets, specula, gloves, scissors, compresses, forceps or sterile amniotic membrane perforators.

Besides these disposable accessories, other obstetric tools will be useful to you such as a mannequin or a birth simulation basin to prepare future mothers for the day of the day, balloons, breastfeeding pillows and mats. If you are giving birth, you will also need forceps, spatulas, and suction cups to help you extract the baby if the need arises.

The Cardiotocograph 

The Cardiotocograph, also called a fetal monitor, is a fetal monitoring device that records the baby’s heartbeat. It is therefore a device used to monitor the growth of the fetus, but it also makes it possible to control the intensity as well as the variation of contractions as the mother-to-be due date approaches.

Finally, during childbirth, doctor monitors the good health of the unborn child. It is one of the essential midwifery devices for monitoring in the office or at home and thus detecting any anomalies. This monitoring has become systematic before, during and after childbirth. In addition, the cardiotocograph is found in maternity wards, medical clinics and obstetric gynecology offices.

Guaranteed, complete and high-quality obstetric equipment not only ensures that your work is easier on a daily basis, but also guarantees the image of the healthcare professional you refer, who is modern, serious and reliable. This is why we must not ignore an investment that is as efficient as it is diversified.

 Are you a liberal or recently graduated midwife, do you work in a maternity ward or have your own obstetrical gynecologist practice and are you looking for high-performance tools at the best quality / price ratio? Trust our cutting-edge expertise and know-how. We are listening to your obstetric equipment purchase project. For more details, please visit: jimymedical.co.uk



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