This has light-emitting diode to hair transplant in Lahore changing into additional widespread and clinics showing in cities that promise you a thick, luscious mane, even once you are sixty years previous. Particularly at a awfully low price. Sadly, several doctors have over exploited things and opened sloppy clinics that supply these services at disposable costs. However, let’s face it, whoever will reject a decent deal, it’s solely natural to conceive to the promise of a fast, straightforward and low cost transplant. Be it shoes, clothes, cosmetics, food, smart business is often welcome. The unhappy issue is that individuals World Health Organization loses hair are typically thus desperate that these “deals” will simply attract them. And sure establishments use their despair. However it can’t be same enough that low cost hair transplants are a terrible plan. However, before we tend to name the risks of such transplants, we should always 1st perceive the psychological science of an individual World Health Organization is losing hair.


In a man with a retracting hairline, you have lost hair on the front of your hairline. You are not alone. Many men and women suffer from frontal hair loss, which makes them feel uncomfortable with their appearance. Our surgeons can help with all types of baldness and thinning. For many patients with front hair loss, hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a good option. Let’s cover some of the basics of this issue and find out who is an ideal candidate for this type of hair transplant.

Common hair loss patterns in men and women

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss, but the pattern of hair loss may differ slightly between the sexes. In men, hair loss typically begins to decrease both on the front and on the top of the head (the crown). In women, hair loss usually occurs along the natural part of their hair, although it affects both the top of the head and the front of the hairline.

How does FUE work?

With FUE, individual hair follicles are removed from a donor area of the scalp that has a lot of healthy hair. No large blows or streaks of donor hair are taken, only the follicles themselves. These harvested follicles are then placed in the recipient area, creating hair density and natural growth where the patient was originally bald.

Why FUE can be ideal for frontal hair transplants

If a patient has hair loss primarily on the front of their hairline, FUE is usually an ideal option. Single grafts in one session can be enough to achieve natural hair density. The appearance of the patient’s original hairline can be restored by the individual grafts and the careful placement and position of the cuts in the recipient area.

Ideal candidates for FUE

Good candidates for FUE are people who suffer from hair loss and want treatment that can help them grow a healthy head again. You should have good hair density along the donor region of the scalp and not suffer from health problems that would make the procedure a risk to wellbeing.

The results of the FUE

FUE results can be remarkable with lush, realistic hair on the front of the scalp. If you restore the fullness of the hairline, you will look younger and will not be aware of your hairline receding.

Is FUE right for me?

The best way to find out whether FUE is the right option for you and your needs is to arrange a consultation in our practice. We have several offices on the east coast and can give you an honest assessment of your needs. If FUE is not ideal for you, other surgical or non-surgical treatments can be discussed.

Find out more about hair restoration

Contact with our experienced hair restoration specialist for more information on hair transplantation and your numerous restoration options.

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